Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Health Care Reform

Just be patient

To those who lament that the health care law passed by the Obama administration is not a single-payer system: be patient. The law is clearly designed to put the health care insurance companies out of business.

When the federal government has succeeded in nationalizing the health care industry, let me know how you like that new value-added tax.

Richard Placak


A good thing

The recently passed health care reform bill is such a good thing for our country and our people.

I regard its passage into law as an act of true patriotism for the United States and those supporting it as fine American patriots.

It will provide health insurance for up to 32 million more citizens, prevent hundreds of thousands of people from losing their homes and prevent tens of thousands of bankruptcies.

This law will improve health, save lives and reduce the suffering of our people. It will create numerous new jobs. It will provide additional security for all of us and make us a stronger and more stable country. 

Bob McAfee

San Luis Obispo

Haves, have nots

And most of us that are for the plan have no insurance, have been denied insurance or are paying exorbitant fees for substandard coverage.

So to my way of thinking, much of this agitation is about the “haves” against the “have nots.” Does my thought here fit your circumstance?

Alan Anderson