Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/31

The school board

Kudos to The Tribune’s opinion titled, “Paso board should try a parcel tax” (March 26). It is absurd that three members of the school board could stop a vote on the parcel tax, which is certainly worthy of consideration as we watch our local school system crumble and decay. It is a reminder that Mark Twain was right when he said that “God made the idiot for practice, and then he made the School Board.”

A significant number of teachers were let go last year, so teachers have paid a high price already, in part because school board members don’t want to find other places to cut. We’re not talking about removing new or inexperienced teachers anymore, we’re talking about gutting the schools.

If this was made clear to Paso’s citizens, then maybe they would be willing to put up a few bucks a month to help the school system stay as strong as possible, though we can’t be sure because Paso Robles has become a place that can’t even agree on how to pay for water.

Gary Peters

Paso Robles

Prepare for fires

After three consecutive years of little rain, we have been blessed with more than 31 inches in San Luis Obispo. This has produced beautiful green hills and bountiful chaparral.

My concern is that this heavy grass and brush may become the fuel this coming fire season for monstrous wildfires.

Now, it would seem, is the time for officials (experts) from County/Cal Fire and the United States Forestry Department to start planning for the best method of fuel removal, especially in those areas where outlying areas join public lands.

Depending on the terrain, weather conditions and cost, this could be done by a variety of mechanical devices such as bulldozers, large discs, brush crushing, controlled burns or herbicides. This obviously costs money, but comparatively, it is little to what is spent trying to stop large wildfires each year in California.

Yearly wildfires throughout Central and Southern California, whether started by nature or man, are very costly, not only in money, but in lives and property.

We can do nothing and hope and pray that no wildfires develop in our area or we can do something to be better prepared for the inevitable.

I prefer we do the latter.

Enrico Bongio

San Luis Obispo

Grateful for help

A devastating earthquake struck Haiti on Jan. 12 and San Luis Obispo County residents opened their hearts to help. On the morning of Jan. 13, moments after the San Luis Obispo County Chapter of the American Red Cross opened our doors, the first donor appeared with a $100 bill in his hand. The donations have continued to arrive; hundreds of individuals have come forward to help.

Many area businesses have created opportunities for their patrons to participate in the recovery effort by hosting special events. Students from elementary schools to Cal Poly have donated their time and energy to set up a wide variety of fundraisers holding penny wars, bake sales, barbecues and more.

Thank you for your generosity. Your support of the American Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti has provided desperately needed water, food and shelter and will allow the Red Cross to continue to work side by side with the Haitian people throughout their long recovery. We are grateful for your help in fulfilling our humanitarian mission around the world and here at home.

Natalie Schaefer

Chief Executive Officer, San Luis Obispo County Chapter of the American Red Cross

28th Amendment

I’m writing because I believe it is important that members who represent the voters be held accountable. The only way this will occur is if the American public believes that the rules should apply to all.

Therefore, I support the suggested 28th Amendment of the United States Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not equally apply to the Senators and/or Representatives. Conversely, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not equally apply to the citizens of the United States.”

Linda S. Hall

Los Osos