Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Health Care Reform

Not about care

Why haven’t more questions been asked of this administration regarding the health care bill that just passed? We are on the verge of bankruptcy and politicians are putting us deeper in debt. 

Forcing states to spend more money on Medicaid that they do not have leads each state into bankruptcy that then allows the federal government to make all the decisions that are necessary for you and me without having to answer to anyone. 

Now the states are bankrupt and the federal government is bankrupt and from that point a world government can evolve. What part of this procedure do you not understand? People better start asking questions and demanding answers before it is too late. Or do you want a government taking care of you? Come on people, it’s not about health care!   

Joan Le Grand

Arroyo Grande

The real reasons

After reading Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s article in The Tribune (“Why I voted ‘no’ on health care takeover,” March 24) and the nonsense he tried to spread about his reasons for voting against the health care bill, I went on the Internet and looked up the real reasons he voted against the bill.

Opensecrets.org lists all financial contributions our representatives receive and from whom they get the money. McCarthy had 296,000 reasons to vote “no.” That’s the amount of dollars this bought-andpaid-for lackey of big business got from the finance, insurance, real estate and health care industries.

Yes sir, he really cares about the average Californian. I hope he becomes among the missing in November.

John R. Hemming

Paso Robles

Desperate anger

Recently, a dear friend was having lunch when the man behind her began speaking loudly about the health care bill and throwing the “n” word around. My friend is black, works at a children’s hospital in Oakland and may single-handedly save the world, one child at a time. 

The anger of the far right has turned into lunacy and threats. This anger now seems to allow individuals, on the streets and in Congress, to wave their racist flag. It must be the last, desperate stand of the angry white man and it saddens me to no end.

Patricia Brown

Los Osos

Voting in step

Regarding Rep. Lois Capps’ viewpoint “Why I voted for health insurance reform” (March 24), I have the following comments:

The majority of Americans agree we need comprehensive health care reform. Most Americans also agree this current health care reform bill shoved down our throats by the progressive socialist left is an absolute atrocity that will ultimately destroy our country.

We have repeatedly voiced this concern to the Democratic left and yet despite hearing the message, they have turned their backs on us and spat in our face. It’s criminal what these politicians have done.

If you look at Capps’ voting history, she has consistently voted to the left, no matter how destructive the legislation. She is nothing more than a political puppet on a string controlled by her left wing political constituents.

As a medical professional, I’m sure Capps knows in her heart this bill is wrong for America, yet she stays in political step with her party, taking the easy way out by voting yes for the bill. What a shame.

November is right around the corner, let’s run these people out of Washington. Let’s let our voice be heard in the ballot box. We need to clean out the House of Representatives.

Joe Hasay

Arroyo Grande

Marxist president

A few years ago, most people would not have believed you if you told them they were about to elect a Marxist as president, yet on March 23, President Barack Obama signed a bill that proves that is the fact. He doesn’t care what you think because it’s “social justice.”

More than 2,000 pages of “social justice” that now, by the force of law, dictates how health care will be rationed in America. We’re not supposed to care that this legislation mandates when you can receive a service or that a record of every doctor visit you make will be kept in a computer somewhere in Washington, D.C. Remember, it’s all in the name of “social justice.”

Obama said that he would “fundamentally change America” and government-run health care has always been his goal because it has always been the most effective way of controlling people’s lives. It worked for Adolf Hitler, who was pretty good at giving speeches too, without the teleprompter.

“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” — Thomas Jefferson.

Paul Bareis


The fine print

Have you ever bought a new car and forgotten to look at the fine print about the sale? That’s how I feel about the new health care bill that was just passed. Our congressman and senators have forgotten to read the fine print about what the bill will really provide.

For example, a provision of the bill is to close the Medicare prescription drug plan “donut hole.” However, giving people on the plan only $250 to help with the “donut hole” is like throwing kerosene on a burning fire.

The bill was also to make health insurance more affordable. In the 2,000 pages of the health care initiative, I do not see where health insurance is going to be more affordable. In fact, our premiums might even go higher!

All I know is that the Lord loves all unconditionally, without any fine print to stand in the way. Good luck to all of us who will continue to struggle affording health insurance because the new bill is not the solution.

Mark Sobowits

Paso Robles

The audacity

The Barack Obama news media and liberals have redefined the word “audacity.” Only they could control the most corrupt Congress in history, the Presidency and the news media and shove the most expensive social entitlement down the throats of the American people (who overwhelmingly opposed the health care bill) and then have the “audacity” to blame the Republicans and Tea Party people for being angry.

We have gone from a country built on hard work, independence and self reliance to a country led by politicians, attorneys and academia who have never created a product or so much as run a candy store. We are being told by these misfits, tax cheats and radicals what to buy and what is politically correct, all while they are reaching into our pockets for more of our money to give away.

This is why the people are so angry, this is why there are Tea Parties and town hall meetings. These are people who have worked hard all their lives, paid their taxes and asked for nothing from the government. They are tired of being lectured by bloviating politicians and journalists who inject race into everything.

Allen Litten


Always no

Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s “no” vote on health care reform, along with his “say-no-to-everything” Republican colleagues, demonstrated that the Republican party:

Opposes prohibiting insurance companies from denying insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Opposes denying insurance companies the ability to drop a patient’s insurance while sick.

Opposes denying insurance companies the ability to put a lifetime dollar cap on coverage.

Opposes removing health care treatment decisions from insurance company adjusters.

Opposes allowing young adults to remain on their family’s insurance plans until age 26.

Opposes providing individuals and small businesses a right to join insurance pools.

Opposes more affordable health care for families and small businesses.

Opposes closing Medicare’s prescription “donut hole” gap.

Opposes expanded health insurance coverage to 16 million low-income people.

Opposes providing community health centers additional funds to treat patients regardless of insurance or their ability to pay.

Opposes preventing 45,000 people a year from dying because they lack health insurance.

Health care reform is now law. Republicans say they will work to repeal this law. If successful, they will assure continued insurance company profits and insurance company control over our health care system.

Joseph Amanzio

Paso Robles

An open letter

Dear Tea Party member,

Thank you so much for sharing your righteous indignation over the passage of health care reform. You certainly convinced me that since you and your family are completely covered, every other American has access to the same plan you purchased.

As for the 32 million who aren’t covered, you’re right, even though many of our poor work two or three jobs just to make ends meet, they must be lazy or illegal, otherwise they wouldn’t be poor.

And yes, I do agree with you, we should be proud that the World Health Organization has ranked our health care system number 37. Wow! We made the top 50.

Those darn Democrats always seem to want us to be better than we really are. They have no respect for the status quo. Don’t they have a sense of humor? It’s a real knee slapper to sit around and watch the 36 countries ranked ahead of us scratch their heads and wonder why the richest, most powerful country in the world is unable to take care of its own citizens.

Finally, yes, it certainly is our patriotic duty to fight Obamacare by sending threats to those in Congress who voted for it.

Tom Bauer

Morro Bay

Socialistic state

Never in my lifetime did I expect to see my country move from a prosperous republic with great individual liberties to a debt ridden, socialistic state. When I was in the military, the Communists were our enemy.

Remember Joe the Plumber? He was right on when he said that Barack Obama and the Democrats want to redistribute the wealth. For the better part of my life, I worked three jobs to try and get ahead, yet I have able-bodied family members half my age living in the Bay Area who will not work. They don’t need to because the government, with my tax money, gives them food stamps and pays their rent. Now it looks like all of us taxpayers will also be responsible for their medical expenses. I don’t care how you slice it. This is not right.

If this health care legislation were so great, why did the very corrupt Democrats have to resort to out-and-out bribes in order to pass it? I hope that Lois Capps reads The Tribune. It is time for her to start reading the help wanted ads.

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Don't be afraid of change

I don’t understand the American people and I am disappointed in us. We elected Barack Obama because we wanted some things to change. One of the big changes we needed was the way our health care is delivered.

However, when it looked like we might get a better system, people started calling it socialism and a government take over. We have some good models in this country like Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Health Administration. I haven’t heard any outcry to repeal those programs.

European countries, Japan, Taiwan and Canada all have universal health care and all those countries have capitalistic economic systems.

If you are opposed to abortion, you should know that some studies show countries that have universal health care have lower abortion rates. Canada has one-third less abortions than we do and Germany has less than half the abortions we have. Our new plan is a modest but good first step. We need to support it, and stop being afraid of change!

Maggie Fertschneider


New tax is appalling

The health care bill signed into law by President Barack Obama imposes a tax on manufacturers and importers of prosthetics and other medical devices (artificial limbs, pacemakers, power wheelchairs, incubators, etc.) needed by wounded veterans, people with disabilities and prematurely born babies.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that this medical devices tax would bring in $20 billion over the next 10 years and would be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices and higher insurance premiums.

Republicans in the Senate recently offered three amendments to the health care reconciliation bill that would either completely repeal the new tax, exempt veterans or exempt children and the disabled, including veterans. The amendments were defeated by Democrats on nearly party line votes. Speaking in opposition to one of the amendments, Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus said, “It exempts a certain group from the shared responsibility in helping finance health care reform.”

As a polio survivor with post-polio syndrome who, while protesting, fortunately can afford absorbing the tax, I find it appalling, as exemplified by Baucus’ callous quote, that the Obama administration is shoving this abomination down the throats of Americans without regards for how the most vulnerable will be affected.

Donald Hirt

Paso Robles

Find out for yourself

As President Barack Obama tours our nation to sell his health care bill, I want to challenge all Californians to educate themselves with the facts about this bill and others that will be coming. Find out what it will do to you (and for you) and our country. Don’t remain clueless.

There in not much we can do at this point about this bill, but we can stay abreast of what is to come because you can bet that there will be more contentious legislation coming out of Washington very soon. We must be aware of what is going on and discern the truth. We have been blinded by not only the president, but by Congress and some media that do not present facts or both viewpoints.

Don't be duped by deceitful misconceptions. Do you want to lose more freedoms and rights? Keep an eye on this president and Congress! We do not want a bankrupt “nanny America” as we have in California ... or do we?

Sandra Smith

Morro Bay


Perhaps if taxpayers weren’t paying for 72 to 75 percent of the health insurance premiums for every eligible Federal employee, the rest of the Americans would have just a few dollars more to help pay for their own health insurance.

Ron Workman

Pismo Beach