Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/30

Hope alive and well

Many thanks to the person who found and turned in my wallet at the Rite Aid at Johnson Avenue and Marsh Street on March 10.

Panic set in when I discovered it missing hours later and many miles away. The thought of having to close accounts and recover all my identification including credit and debit cards, my driver’s license, medical cards, etc. was overwhelming.

Mentally retracing my past stops, I realized that the last time I’d used my wallet was to make a purchase at Rite Aid. When I called and they reported that it had been turned in to the management, I was flooded with relief and gratitude.

The person responsible for this kind deed may never see this letter so I want to extend this as a general thank you to all those who do the right thing by their fellow human beings each and every day.

Hope continues to be alive and well in our society.

Nancy E. Ruhl

Los Osos

Caught in time warp

“Health panel wants action to curb Dunes air pollution” (March 10) is a starkly necessary reminder that we do indeed have a county Health Commission and other government agencies that, on occasion, rise to the occasion.

Why they have not prompted a similar headline about curbing the vast amount of pollution that is generated by the various forms of wood-burning is a good question to ponder, particularly in light of the action initiated by India (one of many countries) to focus on the problem of wood smoke.

Lakshman Guruswamy, the Sri Lankan-born director of the University of Colorado’s Center for Energy and Environmental Security (referring to the recent Indian clean-air initiative) said, “2 billion people, one-third of the people on Earth, are caught in a time warp, with no access to modern energy. They got energy from Prometheus a long time ago, and that was it.”

San Luis Obispo County, its “healthy” citizens and its government agencies are caught in a deliberate time warp, which is a polite way of saying the county is willfully ignorant.

M. Power Giacoletti 

San Simeon

McCarthy’s choices

In 1959, a study by R.M. Church showed that rats could learn empathy. Rats were taught to push a button in their cage and food would be dispensed to them. 

However, each time a rat pushed the button, the neighboring rat in the adjoining cage was shocked, causing pain and distress to the neighboring rat.

Soon, the rats stopped pushing the button for food, choosing to starve rather than to cause pain to another rat. 

If rats can learn this, why can’t certain members of Congress? As an Independent, I suggest we remember this at election time. Congressman Kevin McCarthy chooses corporations (insurance, banks, oil, etc.) every time instead of his neighbors, the people. 

Kirk Scott

Arroyo Grande

Suggestion for page

I have a suggestion for your editorial page. Whenever you publish one of those people from The New York Times, put right next to it (like you do with “Doonesbury” and “Mallard Fillmore”) an article by Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Star Parker, Laura Ingraham or someone with similar concepts.

Robert T. Maytum

Morro Bay