Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/28

Get another columnist

In his column, Charles Krauthammer writes that Republicans railed against the New Deal “for 20 years,” but when Dwight Eisenhower came to power he “wisely left it intact, and no serious leader since has called for its repeal” (“In praise of the rotation of power,” March 12).

The New Deal has been under attack from the Eisenhower administration to today. Much of the New Deal has been weakened or repealed.

One example: The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 regulating banks was part of the New Deal. It was designed to prevent banks from engaging in the risky behavior that had gotten them into trouble.

The Glass-Steagall Act was repealed during the Clinton administration. Readers of history were not surprised when the unregulated banks eventually got themselves into trouble and came running to the taxpayers for a bailout.

Keeping the Glass-Steagall Act in place would have averted that fiasco. Bank regulation should be reinstated.

I don’t know whether Krauthammer is ignorant about what has happened to the New Deal or he simply chose to forget the facts and falsify history.

In either case, such a person is not qualified to be a columnist. Please find someone who is.

Jesse Arnold


Credit Christ, not Marx

I would like to address some issues in response to Steve Merrill’s letter that stated that President Barack Obama has a “warped view of ‘social justice’ and ‘wealth distribution’ that comes straight out of the Communist Manifesto” (“A warped vision,” March 23).

Actually, social justice is simply the concept that everyone, regardless of income, race, creed or gender, has the right to be heard and listened to. Social justice has nothing to do with communism but rather working toward the common good for society.

We still will not have 100 percent health care for all those who contribute to our society. However, we will not have to continually fret that our families will not be covered due to age (for example, 20-somethings who work but can’t afford health care) or health conditions that insurance companies simply say, “No, we won’t pay for your treatment.” (I have been on the receiving end of both of those situations to the tune of taking out a second mortgage on my house.)

Also, stop giving Karl Marx so much credit. Give the credit of social justice and wealth distribution to whom it rightly belongs: Jesus Christ and the earliest Christians. Just check out Matthew 25:31-46 and Acts of the Apostles 2:44-45.

Elizabeth Gregory

Arroyo Grande