Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/27

Lay off the dunes

I am disgusted at the unending attacks over the continued use of the Oceano Dunes. I have lived on the Mesa for 40 years and have never ceased to marvel at this unique piece of real estate that provides so much for so many millions of people. It is possibly one of the only family-oriented adventures still available today.

The desert has been declared off limits, the lakes are being threatened, what next? The ski slopes? Families prepare all year for a week at the dunes. It is not just the local economy involved because those toy haulers, four-wheel drives, etc. are not made here. Now it’s the air? I can tell you, it is far better now than it was in 1970.

James Pudwill


Fix a problem

I’m writing in response to the viewpoint, “Support Prefumo Creek path,” that ran on March 21.

After numerous discussions with the parties involved, it is clear that our viewpoints differ greatly. However, something on which we all agree is that Los Osos Valley Road, as it approaches Laguna Middle School, needs fixing for the walking and biking students.

Where is the wisdom in creating a new and enormously expensive bridge system when Los Osos Valley Road has a very real problem that will go unrepaired? Let’s use the $800,000 “Safe Routes to School” grant to upgrade the path along Los Osos Valley Road instead of building a monster bridge that will stir up more problems than it solves.

Carol Stine

San Luis Obispo

What happened?

Cutbacks in education, teachers and programs! Students and teachers marching to protest the cutbacks! Anyone remember when politicians were pushing the state lottery and how it would take care of all the financial woes for education? How all this money would come rolling in and education would no longer have to worry about funding?

So what happened? Seems we are worse off than before the lottery. And now we want to trust the government to handle health care for us?

Michael T. Hanson

San Luis Obispo

Politics 101

One of the sore spots in Morro Bay government that often gets mentioned by citizens is the fact that many of our highly paid managers live somewhere else, not in Morro Bay. It is felt that they just don’t have the same sense of ownership and pride that a resident has.

Now, I am not making a judgment on this because everyone is different and has their own reasons for living and working where they do. I only bring this up because this perception has been an issue in Morro Bay more than once.

I recently saw an e-mail from Morro Bay mayoral candidate Rick Grantham, and I went to his Web site. Guess what I notice on the contact page? He is using a San Luis Obispo address for his campaign. What?!

Doesn’t he know anyone in Morro Bay that is willing to work on his campaign and use a Morro Bay address for campaign central? Is he totally oblivious to the friction that I described above about out-of-towners running this town?

Politics 101 — try to relate to your voters.

Ric Deschler

Morro Bay