Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/25

Scofflaw bicyclists

To the four bicyclists in their pretty green and yellow outfits riding on Fair Oaks Avenue on March 20, 2010, at 11:30 a.m.:

Running stop signs is not conducive to your health and is a violation of the California Vehicle Code. Bicyclists who disobey the California Vehicle Code and endanger the lives of others is a growing trend here on the Central Coast.

It is readily apparent that the local bicycling community is doing a poor job of policing themselves. The only course of action is for our local law enforcement officers to crack down on these bicyclists who continue to violate the law. I respectfully request that our local law enforcement officers start conducting sting operations on bicyclists and issue citations to those who break the law.

Roger D. Barnes

Grover Beach

Ridiculous deal

The newspaper recently reported that a 52-year-old Michigan man received a two-year sentence for meeting a female minor online, grooming her online for months and then traveling all the way to our fair county and having sex with her (“2-year term in Internet sex case,” March 11). Is anyone else out there disturbed by the results of this case, or is it just me?

A two-year sentence for a thief of the worst kind? Come on, what kind of plea bargain is that? It seems to me that our District Attorney’s Office doesn’t consider sex crimes very serious.

This man has a history of embezzlement and now he has taken from this young lady something she will have to deal with the rest of her life.

His sentence should fit his crime and it wrongfully does not. His sentence should be at least as long as hers — a lifetime to think of all he stole from her. Shame on our District Attorney’s Office for agreeing to such a ridiculous, inadequate deal!

Cynthia Bradshaw


Nothing to do

So the city of Morro Bay is again debating another medical marijuana dispensary (“Morro Bay council relights the fire for medical marijuana,” March 9)? Hmm, could it be that the Morro Bay City Council is hoping everyone will get stoned and be so hungry they will eat at our empty restaurants, actually enjoy the lame laser show and bond with the snowy plovers?

Hey council, the kids of Morro Bay still have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Maybe the kids will start smoking pot and not care anymore. How ironic that the vacant lot where the kids gather to ride bikes by the overpass is now for sale so they will soon have even less to do, as I’m sure some council-friendly developer will grace Morro Bay with yet more ugly, unnecessary and probably empty buildings.

Amber Wilson

Morro Bay

Not the same plan

I don’t get it. If Obamacare is so good then why don’t Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Lois Capps have to live under the health care plan that they voted for?

Raymond Coleman

San Luis Obispo