Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Health Care Reform

Giving up freedoms

The actions of the House of Representatives on Sunday when they passed the health care bill aroused feelings of both anger and sorrow in my mind. My anger was caused by the arrogant attitude of these people who are supposed to represent the American people, but who totally ignored the desires of their constituents.

These politicians are so far removed from everyday reality that they think they know better than the average citizen and can tell us what we really need. The real goal behind this legislation was to get control of one-sixth of our economy.

Our existing health care system could easily have been improved by passing some simple legislation covering things such as tort reform, interstate insurance coverage and a government money pool to cover catastrophic illnesses and pre-existing conditions. But as we can see, Congress was not interested in doing that.

Since I am in my 70s, I can remember when being dependent on the government was deemed to be unacceptable. Today, people seem to be willing to give up their freedoms for more government handouts.

Stanley D. Schaffer

Arroyo Grande

World didn’t end

I can’t believe that we made it through Monday, March 23. If we believe what the Republican party said, then the world would come to an end if the health reform package was passed. I keep waiting for the sky to fall, but so far so good!

I’ll keep an eye on the sky, but I’m sure we will survive this and many more votes that will help all those in America, not just those who have millions of dollars. Bless those who took a chance on a controversial vote to give many a chance at health.

Ann Danko

Paso Robles

Real sweet deal

Boy, the Democrats really threw the health insurance companies into the briar patch, didn’t they? While President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid continue to be covered by their government health care plans, the rest of us will be forced to write checks to the same corporations that have been screwing us for decades.

In the end, the Republicans got all that they wanted: no government option and government-mandated profits for the private health insurance giants — and the Democrats take all the blame. Sweet!

Patrick Veesart

Santa Margarita