Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/23

On Tarica’s advice

I want to thank Joe Tarica for his recent column (“State of our public schools is a disgrace,” March 21). After his call to our superintendent, Kathy McNamara, the proposal for a parcel tax was finally placed on the agenda for the March 23 school board meeting in Paso Robles.

We are encouraging all parents, community members and staff to attend that meeting. After speaking with Gary Hoskins, the assistant superintendent for business, we have found that a temporary tax of $8.33 a month could raise $2 million and could be accessed immediately after the parcel tax election is certified. The ballot measure would include a specific list of school district services that would be funded.

Why not stop being “sensitive to the community” and let the adults in our town decide for themselves if they support the education of their children? It appears, however, that it will be an uphill battle for that to happen. The administration has recommended that the school board reject the proposal. At the meeting, we will see how many school board trustees think that is a wise decision.

Jim Lynett

Paso Robles Public Educators President

Yes, they did

I was born at a time when old people had no pension, when there was no minimum wage, when most farms had no electricity, when only the wealthy could get a college education, when there was no unemployment insurance, when blacks were not permitted to drink from “white” water fountains, when there were no women judges or governors or company executives and when poor people who got sick died.

Against the unanimous opposition of Republican legislators, backed by millions of dollars that were used to spread distrust and fear, a president nominated by Democrats and elected by the people led the efforts to change all of that. Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and now, President Barack Obama, led Americans to do what they were told was impossible.

Yes, they could. And yes, we can.

Marvin Sosna

Morro Bay

Health care worth it

At last! We have added “crown thy good with brotherhood” to our nation’s agenda (from the song “America the Beautiful”). My gratitude to President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and all those who voted for the health care bill.

Thirty million more people will have access to regular health care. Yes, I will pay more taxes, but I am so glad to do so for health care — not war. 

God bless America.

Hannah E. MacGregor


A warped vision

“Let me be perfectly clear” (if I can borrow the president’s favorite terminology), President Barack Obama would not be pressing and pushing for Obamacare unless he was convinced that it is the gateway to fulfilling his warped vision of “social justice” and “wealth distribution” that comes straight out of the Communist Manifesto.

Steve Merrill

Pismo Beach