Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/20

Bears as trophies

Wildlife is increasingly under threat from loss of habitat because of human sprawl and global warming will bring even more lethal changes to all manner of wild things. You would think that with so much death promised in our future, that would be enough to satisfy us. But no, apparently not. 

Now a small group of people are lobbying hard to be able to go kill bears in this county just so they can display a dead bear head on their walls as a “trophy” (“Proposal targets bears again,” Jan. 31). Isn’t it amazing how much some people just love to kill things?  

Ann Calhoun

Los Osos

Focus on the buck

What were you thinking publishing the photo in Snapshots from SLO County on March 12 about a “camouflaged buck” passing through a yard in Paso Robles?

Is that an artistic photo? Did the photographer call animal control to help this deer?

Or did he enjoy taking a photo of this animal and sharing it with his “friends” and sending it into The Tribune so all can enjoy seeing this animal in distress? How disgusting!

A.J. Vincolisi


Peace events today

Today, March 20, is the seventh anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. More than 100,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed to date plus hundreds of thousands more have been maimed for life. Our young men and women, in addition to dying and being severely wounded, are being ordered back to Iraq to again risk life and limb after having just finished a tour of duty.

We are spending $7.3 billion a month to support this conflict at a time when our country is facing a severe financial crisis. 

President Barack Obama, a man I admire greatly, has promised to withdraw 92,000 troops by late this year and the remaining 50,000 by the end of 2011. As much as I support our president, I think it is very important that people continue to call attention to the consequences of this occupation so that it is shut down as quickly as possible.

Central Coast Clergy and Laity for Justice and San Luis Obispo CodePINK are sponsoring a peace gathering today at 2 p.m. at the Government Center, 1055 Monterey Street. This will be a peace-filled program consisting of children’s thoughts on peace, street theater, music and a walk through downtown San Luis Obispo. 

Anne McGlynn

San Luis Obispo

Study on auto dust?

I wonder if your readers who are concerned about air pollution from the Oceano Dunes have considered how much dust particles are kicked up into the air by motor vehicles.

Those of us who live east of Elm Street in Arroyo Grande probably get just as much, if not more, dangerous air pollution pushed our way by the prevailing ocean winds. Motor vehicles cause this by driving over our streets.

Has any study been made to look into this?

Myron May

Arroyo Grande

Particulate peril

In response to “Bare knuckles dust-up over the Dunes” (March 14): I hope the Board of Supervisors and public stay focused on the real issue here. The health of thousands of residents is in danger.

The American Lung Association clearly states the risk: “Short-term exposure to particle pollution can kill. Peaks or spikes in particle pollution can last for hours to days. Deaths can occur on the very day that particle levels are high or within one to two months afterward. Particle pollution does not just make people die a few days earlier than they might otherwise — these are deaths that would not have occurred if the air were cleaner.” 

According to the county Air Pollution Control District report, the standards were exceeded 25 percent of the days studied. That means about 90 days a year, residents need to avoid breathing this air and watch for health problems up to two months following these dates.

If you live on the Nipomo Mesa, I urge you to communicate with your elected representatives about this issue. If you have health issues that may be attributed to or worsened by the particle pollution, it is even more important to act now. 

If you can attend the March 24 Air Pollution Control District meeting, do so. 

I’ll see you there.

Rachelle Toti

Arroyo Grande