Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/15

Love for libraries

I am writing to say how proud I am to be part of a community that actually voted to expand its library. In November 2004 and 2006, the people of Cayucos voted in two bond measures to increase the current size of the library by 75 percent and relocate it near Cayucos Elementary School.

Scheduled to open in late March, the 3,000-square-foot library will have six new computers, a new community meeting room and enough space to hold a collection of 10,000 books, CDs and movies.

Cayucans believe that libraries are an essential part of our future. They honor knowledge, truth and the pursuit of freedom for all Americans and speak to our collective humanity.

Libraries are havens in tough economic times where people can search for work on the Internet, read a book in a warm place or take home books, CDs and movies for their enjoyment. In many cases, small libraries are the only community gathering place where people can come and discuss ideas or hear from poets, writers, teachers and community leaders on a variety of issues.

So thank you again, Cayucos, for reminding me of what people can do to preserve our most cherished public institutions.

Kate Stulberg


Good local works

It was brought to my attention that the people at Prado Day Center are the most “together” social group in our community. It’s the people of San Luis Obispo who have come together to help our brothers and sisters make it through some hard times. This effort that local people are making to help others is bringing our community together. San Luis Obispo is doing really good works.

Can we do more? Yes we can. Join a church or synagogue in your neighborhood and pinch hit for some of the volunteers who have been doing the necessary work. It takes a lot of good local American citizens to do this job. Feel proud, too, that church groups in San Luis Obispo have stepped up to the plate and are batting 1,000.

Arnold Ruiz

San Luis Obispo

Progress blockers

On Feb. 25, I chose to watch President Barack Obama’s health care summit, rather than the curling matches at the Winter Olympics. It was a good choice; the matches at the summit were much better than the curlers could have been.

Initially, considering how greatly their premiums and profits affect our national health costs, I thought it strange that no one from the insurance industry was in attendance. Silly me. I soon realized that there were actually insurance corporation representatives on hand to block progress. They call themselves “Republicans.”

J. B. Thomas

Arroyo Grande

A missed goal

On behalf of many of the San Luis Obispo High girls soccer team’s families, I just wanted to express my disappointment in the coverage of their second-round CIF-Southern Section Division 3 playoffs victory at home.

Such hard work. Ground-breaking play. Dedication and commitment to a purpose as a team. And in sharing their success with our community, you chose to single out unfortunate circumstances around travel to the Southern California game.

As a coach of high school athletes, I certainly appreciate the “glimpse” attempted, but frankly, this group of athletes deserves better. Bottom line, the vomit chat has come up in conversation a great deal since publication, indicating to me that this is the overriding impression left by your reporter. I find this sad. If that was the direction he wanted to go, I believe it could have been handled more cleverly.

While we appreciate the efforts your staff makes to cover all of our local teams, when given the opportunity to help the Lady Tigers shine, I am sorry for them you missed the goal on this one.

Go Tigers!

Kathy Devaney

San Luis Obispo

Fair maintenance

At the dog park installed in Elm Street Park in Arroyo Grande, the grass is in atrocious shape, torn up and not green.

Because “it’s the only dog park around,” there is a constant stream of dogs, big and small, tearing up the grass.

The dog advocates begged for the dog park, so it is only fair that they keep the dog park grass up to city park maintenance standards.

Mitch Rust

Arroyo Grande