Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Orfalea’s Business Course

Taxpayer’s money

Let’s see if I can connect the dots. If I have this right, there is a lecturer that was paid $5,000 of taxpayers’ money to do nothing, and at the same time, Paul Orfalea, a very successful businessman, was providing students with an opportunity to get out of their books and get an up-close look at what actually is taking place in the business world at no cost. The only problem I see here is the use of our tax dollars.

Charlie Crabb

San Luis Obispo

Some guidelines

Many of the editorials and letters regarding Paul Orfalea’s course at Cal Poly’s College of Business have shed more heat and smoke than light. The situation calls for common-sense guidelines.

This episode has damaged the collegial fabric of the college, university and community, but it is not too late to get it right. Engaging Orfalea was a fine idea, but ineptly implemented.

At Cal Poly, we want to provide students with the perspectives of experienced practitioners. As we have learned, there are ways to do this within the curriculum and some approaches that just don’t work.

William R. Pendergast

Professor of International Business and former dean, Orfalea College of Business