Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/12

Don’t forget ag

A recent Tribune editorial says we need a president to replace Cal Poly President Warren Baker that “has the ability to inspire a new generation of students who will be our future lawyers, engineers, doctors, teachers, architects and CEOs, to name but a few (“Local and professional aid needed to hire Poly chief,” Feb. 21).

This is all good, but I could not help but notice the omission of agriculture. As recently as 2007, California gross cash receipts were made up of $36.6 billion from agriculture (No. 1 in the United States). More than 400 commodities are produced here including half the fruits and nuts produced in the United States and 22 percent of the milk produced in this country (No. 1 dairy producing state). These numbers are staggering and do not reflect the impact on trucking, rail, real estate and companion industries.

Cal Poly has a rich agricultural heritage and is rated in the top agriculture universities in the nation. With the aforementioned statistics and California’s position on the Pacific Rim, the next president of Cal Poly must have a strong understanding of agribusiness. To forget our state’s roots in agriculture would be a disservice to the school, faculty, future students and our state and this nation. 

Fred Kerr


Health over fun

I was shocked at the headline “Air study concerns off-roaders” on March 4. I am a 17-year resident, living in the area of the study that shows Environmental Protection Agency and state pollution standards are regularly exceeded for very fine carcinogenic sand particles.

I have been very concerned for a long time about the sand blowing this way, not needing a study to confirm my common sense. I even built a 6-foot fence around my property and I plant numerous trees every year. I have developed respiratory problems and have chronic eye irritations. The fence and trees have not helped.

If the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area was a privately-owned business and a study came out like this, government agencies would shut them down for the violations, apply stiff penalties and fines or mandate immediate remediation.

I am empathetic to the recreational riders who frequent the Dunes, but they do not live here and breathe the silica like me and my neighbors. I think my right to clear air and health takes precedence over their fun. I suggest ATV riders find another place to ride.

Board of Supervisors, please allow the Dunes’ natural crust to re-form and the natural plants to re-grow to stop the pollution.

Sherry Kennedy

Arroyo Grande

Tag your pets

I am so happy to see a billboard that asks for responsible pet ownership by recommending everyone put an I.D. on their pet. People do not realize that when animals come to the shelter without identification, another animal who is at the shelter may have to die to make room for the found pet. Identification tags are available all over. Please, please I.D. your pet.

Ruth Starr

San Luis Obispo