Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/2

No name calling

I am a member of an endangered species as a Republican voter living in a “blue” state.

However, I do not see the necessity for Mark Burnes (“Palin’s time is up,” Feb. 17) to use name calling to get a point across. I do not believe Sarah Palin is qualified to be president, but I do get satisfaction out of the fact that she has apparently struck a nerve in Democrats and liberals. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be spending so much time trying to discredit her!

I also believe she represents what a lot people in the country are feeling about now. After all, fair’s fair, we have had to tolerate Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and other Democrats. Maybe this is our year!

Edith E. Welter Atascadero

Not one more

I am not willing to stand by any longer and see one more child in our country refused health care for any reason. Or one more family filing bankruptcy over health care costs. Or one more senior choosing between health care and buying food. Or one more minute of a heartless politic that won’t allow citizens of America to help each other.

Leonard Manzella Arroyo Grande

Krauthammer asset

I was extremely pleased to read that Charles Krauthammer’s column will run on your Friday Voices page. I’ve been listening to Krauthammer express his views for the last year on television and have the utmost respect for him. He is highly intelligent and objective and will be a real asset to the opinion page.

His first column, for example, cited contributions made by both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton (“America ungovernable? Nonsense,” Feb. 19). He may be conservative, but he does not hesitate to cite accomplishments of liberals as well. Not only is this syndicated columnist and regular Fox News contributor a Pulitzer Prize winner, but he is paralyzed, which makes him even more extraordinary.

Joyce Albright Los Osos

The people are losing

Republicans 1, average citizens 0.

Congratulations to the Republicans for Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts. Now they can filibuster all of President Barack Obama’s plans to help America.

Health care reform is probably dead, which is great news for the insurance companies and bad news for most Americans. Anthem Blue Cross recently announced premium increases of 30 percent to 39 percent (“Anthem Blue Cross to raise premiums,” Feb. 6). Hallelujah — the Republicans should be overjoyed.

Big business is winning. We the people are losing. With Brown now in the Senate, maybe they can stop job creation, energy independence and banking reform as well. The Republican Party will undoubtedly fight for tax cuts for the rich. They have sold their principles and our future to corporations. The average citizen should expect nothing less from Republicans — no hope, no plans, no change for our troubled country.

Darrel Boles Paso Robles

What voice?

There’s much to do about a tea party. I believe the reason for this was taxation without representation. When corporate-owned lobbyists can buy our elected representatives, what voice do we the people have?

Herris Kitman Arroyo Grande