Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/28

Fox News and fairness

In response to Edith Mascolo’s letter concerning Fox News and the conservatives who work there (“Fair and balanced?” Jan. 26): The conservatives have obviously impressed the writer a lot because she has forgotten some Democrats who have had a lot to say such as Greta Van Susteren, Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Chris Wallace, Bob Beckel, Susan Estridge, Shephard Smith, Alan Combs and (how can we forget?) President Bill Clinton’s adviser, Dick Morris, to name but a few.

You might try not to focus on what you imagine Fox News to be but on what it is truly fair and balanced.

Marita Keiser

Paso Robles

Airport an asset

Thank you for your article on Jeff Edwards’ plan to attempt to close the Oceano County Airport (“Oceano County Airport: Future in question,” Feb. 26). This is a classic case of short-sightedness on the part of Edwards. Small airports are a tremendous asset to a city and a county such as San Luis Obispo.

I live in Paso Robles and know how much the entire county of San Luis Obispo relies on tourism. Oceano, San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles airports provide gateways for tourism to the Central Coast. Secondly, these airports are used by County/Cal Fire to fight wildfires.

Also, many pilots volunteer their airplanes and time to Angel Flight, a service that provides flights to people who need to get medical care and may not have the means to travel.

If all of this is not compelling enough, our local law enforcement fly out of these airports to protect and serve. Oceano airport is a diamond in the rough and an asset.

I hope Edwards finds another location for his project that does not take anything away from our community. The Oceano County Airport serves the general public, and we don’t want a short-sighted developer to take it away.

Phil Corman

President, Paso Robles Airport Association

Dollars and sense

It only makes sense (dollars and cents) to have a system that will aid all people. We have so many examples of systems that have such an arrangement, so why is it so difficult for Congress not to adjust and grant a single-payer program?

Will Cole

Arroyo Grande

No political agenda

M.C. Perkins’ letter attacking 3rd District County Supervisor Adam Hill missed the point of Hill’s election (Empty talk, Nov. 26). Supervisors are elected without party identification to underscore their responsibility to formulate county policies and decide issues that affect all county residents, without regard to party affiliation or political agenda.  

Hill’s predecessor was rightly criticized for putting his supporters’ agenda and the preservation of a three-vote power bloc above this responsibility. Hill’s apparent willingness to approach each decision with an open mind and reach out to both sides, even if it means occasionally angering those who supported him, is exactly what we need our leaders to do if we are ever going to solve our county’s problems.  

Replacing an agenda-driven three-vote power bloc on the right with an agenda-driven three-vote power bloc on the left may satisfy those who demand that their politicians meet a litmus test of ideological purity, but it ill serves our county’s needs for workable solutions to very real problems. 

D. Sapriel


Stay on topic

The viewpoint, “Help sustain Los Osos basin,” (Feb. 12) encourages people to write to the California Coastal Commission urging major changes to the Los Osos sewer plan. The commission staff said at their Jan. 14 meeting that they will “narrowly limit what they will be looking at.”

The staff then polled the commissioners and came up with specific issues they wanted their staff to look into. Those were wetlands determinations, mitigation on endangered species habitat conservation at the Broderson site, implementation of water conservation and agricultural reuse plans, looking at where the water goes to protect habitat, staging area concerns and plans for decommissioning 5,000 septic tanks.

A STEP/STEG collection system is not one of the issues that the Coastal Commission is going to look at. The STEP/STEG proposal is a dead issue; Los Osos is going to get a gravity sewer system.

If you want to write to the Coastal Commission, then at least stay on one of the topics they will be looking at.

Don Bearden

Los Osos