Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/27

Get the facts straight

Regarding Joseph Kenny’s opposition to the proposed medical marijuana dispensary in Nipomo (“No medical MJ,” Feb. 18). Please get the facts correct. Marijuana has been proven to help many ailments including glaucoma, muscle spasms, neurological illnesses, cancer, chronic pain and too many other ailments to list.

In the same edition, The Tribune ran an article titled “Marijuana can provide some relief for pain.” Kenny should read it.

While I agree that there are people who acquire a doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis who don’t have true medical needs, the majority of patients do find relief in its use for what ails them.

Regarding radio ads: No doctor or clinic advertising locally for recommendations supplies cannabis to their patients. What the ads are referring to is a call center for doctor’s recommendations to be verified before a patient is allowed to purchase cannabis from a legal dispensary.

History shows us that cannabis has been used for centuries as a medicine. It also shows that Americans have been “duped” into believing what we have been told by government about how harmful cannabis is. That is why the majority of Californians believe it should be legally available and taxed appropriately.

Steven Woods

Paso Robles

Students will suffer

As a freshman at Paso Robles High School, I fully agree with former Principal Ed Railsback’s recent Viewpoint about the district’s budget problems (“The cost is too great,” Jan. 14).

I believe that students will suffer under the proposed cuts. Without our extracurricular activities, we wouldn’t want to get good grades and most would question the point of even coming to school.

Athletics, arts, vocational education and music serve as motivation to do well and get through high school. Without them, I can assure you that schools will see a huge dropout rate. Our schools should find other ways to cut the budget.

Sara Bourgault

Paso Robles High School

A vote for professionals

The trouble with Sacramento and Washington, D.C., is their lack of professional politicians. You wouldn’t hire a certified public accountant to fix your toilet or a plumber to do your taxes, would you?

These citizen politicians get to Sacramento and depend on party hacks, lobbyists and aides to read the bills and tell them how to vote and what to do, in essence run the government, while they figure out how to raise money and what office to run for next. They don’t see the long view and won’t be around long enough in the job to realize the consequences of their actions.

Politics is not “my way or the highway.” It is not all bluster and filibuster. It is the art of making deals, compromises and negotiations.

It is time we sent people to represent us who have a vested interest in the job. Let’s send people who have voted, who have at least been to a City Council meeting and who have served on a local level in some capacity. They must understand how government works and be willing to serve the people’s interest, not the party. Let’s get rid of term limits, keep the good ones and throw the bums out.

Paula Schroeder


Olympic coverage

Kudos on your coverage of the XXI Winter Olympics! The photos have been great and the coverage of each event interesting to read.

This is what reading the newspaper is all about and why we keep the subscription. Having a “real” newspaper in hand is so much more rewarding than waiting endlessly for the online version to load, plus we read most all of the articles (which we don’t online). Thanks again for making this an enjoyable part of each morning.

Larry and Patti Keyes

Paso Robles