Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/24

Gullible or guilty

I was interested in Leonard Pitts Jr.’s commentary titled “Facts have no place in today’s arguments” (Feb. 21) until I read further down the column to where he included the people that don’t believe in global warming with those that don’t believe in facts.

Surely Pitts has read the fact that there are large numbers of leaked e-mails from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit indicating that the scientists there were manipulating data to strengthen the argument for man-made global warming. The e-mails were so devastating that their director, Phil Jones, has stepped down. It’s a farce that they are using to grab political power.

I don’t think many people in the eastern United States are believers in global warming at the moment. In fact, some Russian scientists’ findings are calling for a new ice age which seems to fit what we are seeing.

I think Pitts is either gullible or is guilty of ignoring some of these facts to go along with the Democrats attempt to cut our country down to the level of the rest of the world.

As to President Barack Obama’s nationality, there are more findings that point to him not having United States citizenship than those that do.

Paula Nixon

Paso Robles

Can’t live on hope

Thank you, Leonard Pitts Jr., for your 600-word rant about a subject that is dear to conservatives in America: Facts have no place in a debate (“Facts have no place in today’s arguments,” Feb. 21).

When you present facts to a liberal/progressive, you’re suddenly hearing ad hominem attacks and meaningless platitudes that leave you wondering where they get their information. Is it from books like Howard Zinn’s revisionist history of America?

The problem members of the left have is that they cannot win an argument based on the truth. If you listen carefully to their words, you will notice a common thread in their arguments: The pretext is a lie. For example, anthropomorphic global warming is “settled science,” or President George Bush alone caused the housing market to collapse.

To fundamentally change America, the left needs a “crisis,” so it creates one, obfuscates the facts and depends on a gullible uneducated public to buy into it. Unfortunately, for the left there is still a free press in America, even if it’s only one cable channel and a few places on the Internet like Hot Air. Freedom and liberty make America great, not some dopey concept like hope. Remember, “He that lives upon hope will die fasting,” Benjamin Franklin.

Paul Bareis


Warming evidence

Evidence for global warming lies not in short-term observations, but in long-term statistics.

If Charlotte Weinberg (“Gore’s lies,” Feb. 19) and others who deny global climate change can use one unusually cold and snowy winter in the east and south of the United States to conclude that Al Gore is lying, they must also consider why the cherry blossoms are in bloom in Vancouver and why our normally frigid neighbor to the north must truck in snow for the snowboarding events at the Winter Olympics.

Max Riedlsperger San Luis Obispo

IHHS services needed

The Tribune had a great editorial recently about possible major cuts in the In-Home Health and Supportive Services program for seniors and the disabled. UCLA recently completed a study that indicates that the planned cuts will have a much more serious impact than previously believed.

The UCLA study concludes that nearly 87 percent of seniors with impairments like Alzheimer’s would lose all their paid caregiver hours under the proposed cuts. The governor’s position would eliminate services for about 427,000 seniors and others with disabilities.In addition, the IHHS program is only the beginning. Also included are the Adult Day Care programs, state contributions to the Supplemental Security Program (SSP), certain portions of the Medi-Cal program and others. We do not have nursing home beds available for more than 90 percent of those who would be seriously impacted.

Where will seniors go? How will their families be able to help them?

The study found that 33 percent of older IHSS recipients live alone, some 32 percent have cognitive impairment, 82 percent cannot shop for their own food without help and about 49 percent are 80 years of age or older.

Please call or write your state legislators and the governor’s office. We really need your help. You can find the UCLA study at newsroom.ucla.edu.

Charles R Carlson, Chairman, Advisory Council, Area Agency on Aging

Los Osos

Our problems first

It boggles the mind how the government of the United States squanders money like water. It keeps talking about trying the prisoners at Guantanamo in U.S. courts at taxpayers’ expense. Why not have the Iraqi courts try them and save us the expense of trying and housing them?

Let them try, convict and deal with them like they dealt with Saddam Hussein. Our court system is overloaded already with our own lawless problems. Why add to it with long, drawn-out trials of foreign war prisoners? We have problems in our own house, let’s fix them first.

Raymond Porter

Paso Robles

Look in the mirror

A $64 million clarification is needed relative to Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s Jan. 25 Viewpoint and recent articles related to funding for the Los Osos waste water project.

The current “$80 million” pursuit is for federal stimulus money funneled through the USDA; only $16 million of which is in grant form (not necessarily “free money”; there are always “strings” attached) and $64 million in a low-interest loan that must be paid back over time.

USDA has promised project eligibility in the past and recently received a population waiver to access “stimulus funds.”

Mr. Gibson uses the word “unconscionable” when faced with the loss of this funding opportunity. It is Mr. Gibson who had best look in the mirror when pointing the finger at so-called lost opportunity. Gibson spearheaded efforts to lend and spend $6 million from 2007-2008 proposing the dead-on-arrival Tonini project.

In January 2009, Gibson led the charge to float that project an additional $1 million specifically to get “shovel ready” and again this past November lent an additional $250,000 to get the Planning Commission-massaged-project “shovel ready.”

All matters the Coastal Commission has taken issue with are all issues Gibson could have addressed locally and didn’t.

Julie Tacker

Los Osos

Pounce fundraiser

Even though it was necessary to move the Pounce cat rescue organization from Los Osos, Pounce volunteers remain dedicated and work diligently to rescue cats in San Luis Obispo County and elsewhere.

Most of the needy cats have always seemed to come from Paso Robles and funds are needed now more than ever. There will be a Pounce fundraiser, adoption and barbecue from 11 to 4 p.m. Saturday at Petco in Paso Robles. Pease attend and help cats and kittens in need. For more information, call Vicki at 712-1800 or Connie at 591-0202.

Marje Legerton

Los Osos