Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/21

Protect kids’ brains

While I think it’s great that area high schools have adopted a protocol for dealing with football head injuries, I saw nothing indicating that youth football leagues have any such programs in place (“Doctors and schools team up on concussions,” Jan. 10).

There are hundreds of kids playing hard-hitting tackle football as early as third grade and well into junior high who would obviously benefit from such protocols. The baseline screening exams must be expanded to include these kids, who are at risk for serious head injuries and are coached by volunteer nonprofessionals who may not recognize the symptoms of head trauma.

These coaches should be taught what to look for and how and when to do follow-up testing, to protect these kids whose brains are still developing.

Ken Cirisan

San Luis Obispo

Billboard-free days

We recently enjoyed a pleasant drive through Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. The views were spectacular. Rolling hills, crashing waves, craggy cliffs and sunsets. As we entered San Luis Obispo, it seemed that we opened our arms and said, “Give us your billboards, we will advertise for anyone.”

We saw an adult book store, multiple casinos, attorneys, a plethora of eating and sleeping businesses and more. San Luis Obispo advertises day and night and night and day. This area is a jewel with its views of the hillsides, mountains, oceans, sunrises and sunsets. It appears we gave our scenic views away to be replaced with visual blight, light pollution and driving distractions, especially at night. How we long for the billboard-free days of yore.

Ron Malak

San Luis Obispo

Respect reseeding

I live near French Park and enjoy it on a daily basis. It is a wonderful addition to our beautiful neighborhood. Every winter, the Parks and Recreation Department reseeds the grass so we may enjoy sports activities in the spring. Every time this is done, signs are posted asking people to refrain from sports activities while the seeds are taking root. Yet each year I witness various groups playing in the mud. There are young men playing football and frisbee and there are even adults with young children playing soccer, all the while ignoring the signs. What kind of message are they sending their children? Now I’m all for having fun, but why is it the only place they seem to want to play is the section that is cordoned off for reseeding? There is the rest of the park to use or various other parks within close proximity. We all lose when the Parks and Recreation Department has to keep reseeding because a certain group chooses to ignore the signs. Please be more considerate so the rest of us may enjoy the beauty of French Park as well.

T. Keene

San Luis Obispo

Thanks to Capps

I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank Congresswoman Lois Capps in assisting this service member.

I was recently called into active military service with the U.S. Army. As a result, I became entitled to certain state and federal benefits, including the right to defer my mortgage obligation during the term of my active service. Unfortunately, the banking institution involved was unwilling to honor this right, prompting my request for assistance. Within the week, I received a call from the office of the president of the banking institution, was informed that it had been contacted by the Treasury Department and that the deferment would be acted upon immediately.

This action has permitted me to focus on my military mission and my obligations as a soldier.

Thank you Congresswoman Capps.

Roger Frederickson

San Luis Obispo

Hannity tasteless

Sean Hannity of Fox News has sunk to a new low of sleazebaggery, incorporating “earthquake” into his schtick in the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Three times in the three days after the earthquake, which now has an estimated casualty figure of 200,000 Haitians, Hannity referred to the Massachusetts senatorial race in the most tasteless terms imaginable. “But what’s amazing about this (race), it would be a political earthquake.”

And answering Sarah Palin, Fox News’ newest pundit, Hannity glibly uttered, “What a political earthquake that would be,” and finally, “If the Republicans win this, a political earthquake: 9.9!” Wow. I guess it’s safe to say that none of Hannity’s family members or friends were impacted in any way whatsoever by the actual earthquake, one of the worst in modern history.

D. Duane Wall II


Street sweeper funny

I was looking out the window on a recent morning, enjoying the rain, when out of the blue, a street sweeper buzzed on by in the middle of a downpour. I am not sure what he was cleaning. It looked funny. I guess you had to be there.

Chris Mote

Morro Bay

Give us our right

Dick Pottratz (“Too many rights,” Jan. 7) states we already have too many rights. Sounds kind of un-American to me. While universal care is not a right in the U.S., it could be if Americans were as enlightened and intelligent as they pretend. If a nonpartisan study and explanation of our health care situation was demanded by the people, eliminating the corporate propaganda, Americans might be able to step up to other developed countries. Unfortunately, we hang onto any unproven negative the corporations throw out and pat ourselves on the back for stopping socialism. All the while, we pay twice the amount of other countries for health care to our corporate gods for statistically inferior service.

When Americans realize “social”-ism in its true form is designed to make life better for people whereas “capital”-ism is designed to make more money for the few at the expense of the many, then maybe we will give ourselves the “right” to universal care. The hundreds of billions we pay to private insurance companies, as well as the billions we waste on wars, would be more than adequate to pay for this upgrade.

Terry Mohan

San Luis Obispo