Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/16

Praying for rain

As we enter our fourth year of below normal rain fall (south of San Luis Obispo), I urge those who believe in the power of prayer to please pray for the gift of abundant rainfall through the winter and spring months. I live on the Arroyo Grande/Nipomo Mesa and as our groundwater supply continues to diminish due to overpumping without enough rains to replenish our aquifer, we’ve had to drill our well 200 feet deeper this year.

With the possible chance of salt water intrusion in our ground water basin looming, it’s so important to our survival to be as careful with our water supply and again I urge everyone to pray for rain. I know we cannot control the weather. It’s only in God’s hands now.

I sometimes get frustrated with our news media and radio personalities going on how splendid our current weather pattern is, but it’s really quite unfortunate that it is so warm and dry. This is our rainy season and it’s no time to be celebrating unseasonable heat and dry conditions.

I hope everyone who believes will do the right thing. At this point in time, prayer is all we have.

Jerry Meyer

Arroyo Grande

It’s not luck or chance

Based on findings in 2008 by the Pew Research Center, some 69 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of Democrats disagree with the statement, “Success in life is pretty much determined by forces outside our control.”

Laura Freberg’s letter (“Sense of control,” Nov. 30) thus asserts that Democrats believe “the homeless person is homeless because of luck or chance.” Her claim is not just simplistic, it also reflects ignorance about the causes of homelessness in our country.

Those Americans who recognize the impact of external forces on creating a successful life do so because of rising levels of unemployment and poverty, plus a severe shortage of affordable housing created, in part, by the mortgage industry collapse. Indeed, much of homelessness is a result of social injustice, not mere bad luck.

Bailey Drechsler

San Luis Obispo

How to house homeless

Let’s see, the county comes down on Dan De Vaul. De Vaul comes down on the county. The county is ridiculed by the non-acting public and the press. Other homeless organizations say, “what about us?” And the NIMBYs (not in my back yard) come down on everyone.

What about the homeless?

Here’s a plan: 30 mobile homes with infrastructure (approximately $1.5 million in state and county funds, privately built) on De Vaul’s property. County Planning quickly assists De Vaul’s nonprofit group with all permitting and planning. Some 100 people per day get a warm bed, food and maybe even some entertainment like Internet or TV.

The nonprofit group can work out the details like length of stay, daily rules, training and revenue generation.

The other organizations and NIMBYs can help the group get on its feet and be self-sustaining. Somebody call Ty Pennington.

K. Klis

Arroyo Grande

Trapped at home

It is fantastic that President Barack Obama is sending aid to the Haitian earthquake survivors who are trapped under their houses.

There is no comparison, of course, as to the relative severity of the problems, but I hope he finds time to send aid to the millions of Americans who are trapped under their house ... payments.

Michael Miller

Grover Beach

That’s it for him

I just read about the homeless person harassing the young lady in San Luis Obispo (Local Updates, Jan. 12). Then there was the other person who punched another young lady. Well, that does it for me. I have two 15-year-old girls and we will no longer visit or shop in San Luis Obispo.

Joe Aguilar


Reverend was wrong

The Rev. Mark Richardson argues that same-sex couples deserve civil equality with opposite-sex married couples. Richardson asserts, “Our democratic values and equal protections are threatened when ballot referendums are created putting the rights of a minority to a popular vote.” It is “undemocratic and contrary to Constitutional rights” (“A day of equality nears,” Nov. 22).

Richardson is wrong. Typically, state constitutions clearly allow majorities to decide the rights of minorities. This has occurred where these rights have been usurped in certain states by judicial and legislative actions. Same-sex marriage has been overturned in Maine and California. The voters exercised their “democratic rights” and spoke.

Eventually, the matter may be decided by the Supreme Court. If such a legal precedent is established, the minority of those seeking marriage troikas, or marriages in any numerical combinations, may also be allowed.

Besides these facts, where Richardson argues for “equality,” he, as a member of the “cloth,” clearly contradicts Scripture. Scripture does not endorse same-sex marriage. It in fact clearly and unequivocally condemns same-sex sexual relations.

Otis Page

Arroyo Grande

Beyond the call of duty

Deputies Justin Nelson and Todd Steeb went way beyond the call of duty when they responded to a family in need this past Christmas (“The Sheriff’s Santas,” Jan. 11). I commend them for their selfless service, their big hearts and their quick response to help make a young man’s holiday brighter.

So many people and businesses do things to get publicity and it is nice to see two caring individuals just do something out of the goodness of their very big hearts. Let’s see more stories like this one in our local paper and less about disputes going on that just give businesses more sought after publicity.

Kelly Conners

Pismo Beach

Body and brain affected

Mark McGwire says he would have hit all those home runs without the performance enhancing drugs. That just shows the drugs affect the brain as well as the body.

John Kepler

San Luis Obispo

SLOCEA investigation?

If you are a San Luis Obispo County Employees’ Association member, you are urged to attend the board meeting on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the County Government Center, room 161, first floor training room.

Two of the three executive officers that you elected are now gone. What happened? Isn’t it time for an independent investigation?

Gail West

Former field representative