Letters to the Editor

Viewpoint: Thanks for help in search

The family of George Carpenter would like to express our deepest appreciation to the community at-large for the outpouring of support we received following George’s disappearance.

We were overwhelmed by the positive energy, efforts and goodness that started with the action of the San Luis Police Department team (headed up by Detective Sue Mikel), followed by the 200 people who showed up on New Year’s Day to help us search and then continuing with more than 1,600 people following the progress on Facebook.

There are too many of you to thank and mention by name — some of you we don’t even know! Certainly, we are leaving many of you out. Here is a sampling of the good people and groups that must be recognized:

• Morro Bay Police Department (current, former and retired members)

• George’s hiking group, headed by Del

• The A-team on Facebook, headed by Melissa Mendonca

• San Luis Obispo and Monterey Search and Rescue

• Everyone who showed up on New Year’s Day

• Starbucks, Madonna Plaza

• Bob Whiteford and Dave Congalton

We would like to acknowledge the local media for their support and thoughtfulness both in how they communicated with us and how they handled the story.

Huge thanks to the members of San Luis Obispo County Four Wheel Drive Club, headed up by Chris Stover, Frank Simons and Steve Schroeder. These compassionate and knowledgeable men mobilized in 24 hours and took us up into the Big Sur wilderness so we could see where George likely spent his final moments. They also worked for hours to pull George’s truck out, load it on a flat bed and bring it back to San Luis Obispo. All without accepting a nickel, even for fuel.

We also want to thank the amazing residents of Big Sur. Especially Ron (who Scooter found), Mark who gave us great advice and offers of help and Big Sur Kate, whose blog and friendship was invaluable.

We are comforted by the knowledge that George came to rest in such a perfect area. Rocks, wilderness, fire roads and a view of the Pacific Ocean. Big Sur wilderness is everything he loved.

Thank you again.