Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/19

Unethical waste

It is beyond absurd when five expert Nuclear Regulatory Commission engineers, who claim to be concerned about safety, are unable to offer an order-of-magnitude estimate for the length of time radioactive nuclear waste must be contained. But that’s what happened in one of Tuesday’s public information meeting sessions.

Afterwards I spoke to Nuclear Regulatory Commission Branch Chief Neil O’Keefe, who conceded that the Environmental Protection Agency thinks this number is one million years. He agreed that this is far longer than any civilization has ever survived and that choosing which language to write the warning signs in would be problematic. He assured me though that they’ve thought of this and have a plan.


He also conceded that mankind is incapable of building a container that could survive anything approaching 1 percent of this time. Forty years ago, they said the same thing. “Future generations will think of something.”

Nuclear power can be intelligently opposed from many directions (cost, risk security, etc.), but in the end, one only needs to understand that leaving countless tons of nuclear waste for 50,000 future generations to deal with so we can boil water for 50 years is unethical. We simply have no right to dump this on our descendants.

Mark Phillips


Run, Sarah, run!

The Tribune published a letter to the editor five years ago, sent in by my 12-year-old son. It stated that the thing my son liked best about George W. Bush was Bush’s ability “to run the Democrats up the wall.”

That is exactly the same reason we like Sarah Palin so much. She has the liberals moaning and groaning! They want so much for her to just go away. Why are they so afraid of her?

Run, Sarah, run!

Michael Miller

Grover Beach

Gore’s lies

Hey Al Gore:

How about returning the $100 million you took for your lies on “global warming” and send it to the people in the United States who are freezing?

Charlotte Weinberg

Shell Beach

Don’t pass the bill

I have a doctorate in nutrition from U.C. Davis and am a registered dietitian. Please do not pass this health care bill. I want to choose what I provide to my clients. We are the sickest nation in the world and spend more on health care because health care is owned by big business and they care about profit, not our health.

Nancy Reinstein