Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/16

Rally for reform

Why is it that the insurance companies are so terrified to compete with a government-run health care insurance company like Medicare? They have to call it socialized medicine, even though it is only a public insurance company.

People should have the choice between the insurance companies or the public plan. We know what they will choose. That’s why the insurance companies are afraid.

Please join our rally in Mission Plaza on Feb. 17 at 4 p.m. to urge our legislators to pass health care reform, including a public option.

Diane Duenow

San Luis Obispo


I am responding to Jesse Arnold’s reasoned objection to the recent Citizens United case allowing unions and corporations to spend money to create campaign ads (“Not people,” Feb. 11). We should note the decision does not change restrictions on contributions to campaigns, parties or political action committees, nor relieves unions and corporations of their fiduciary responsibilities to their members and shareholders.

Holding corporations and unions as “artificial persons” derives in part from the power to regulate interstate commerce, and as such, Congress has some power to regulate differences between natural and artificial persons. However, a larger constitutional issue exists even before considering the nature of artificial persons.

The Constitution grants all persons the right to free speech and the right to peaceably assemble. Unions and corporations are in fact peaceable assemblages of persons.

As such I believe the default should be in favor of the robust free speech of those persons and assemblages thereof. Otherwise, one might ask if unions and corporations should have fewer protections against unreasonable searches and seizures and against double jeopardy.

Arnold presents numerous ways to counter any such political advertising by unions and corporations. I would add the mute button and the channel button. And of course, vote.

Mike Zarowitz


Haircut? No thanks

I see that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to increase jobs in California (a worthwhile endeavor) while giving state workers another “haircut” in the form of permanent salary reductions. I am a state employee and I get my haircut at the San Luis Obispo Beauty College. I am happy with the results and I like the people that work and study there.

Governor, I don’t need another haircut from you. Leave my paycheck alone and I will continue to support local businesses, students and workers.

Robert C. Pavlik

San Luis Obispo

Protest too much

Leonard Pitts Jr. would have us believe Sarah Palin is “stupid” (“Run, Sarah, to show us if we’ve turned to ignorance,” Feb. 14). Yeah, she’s so “stupid,” she managed to get 650 words and 18 inches of print from Pitts in just one article. Perhaps Pitts, the media, and the rest of the Democrats protest too much.

Madalyn McDaniel