Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/12

Eat for your health

Listen to what adult people tell you. If they say no to some food you are offering, don’t say “just try it” or “forget your diet, it’s the holidays” or “I made this special, I baked all day!”

Don’t keep insisting. There is a reason they said no. It could be allergies, religion, health or your cooking could be really bad. Whatever the reason, it is their reason and it should be respected. Too many well-meaning people keep on and on like a time-share salesman.

The same is true for drinks. With the best of intention, I hear, “just taste this one” or my personal favorite, “it’s an acquired taste!” My response is, “why would I want to acquire a taste for something that tastes so bad?”

If you would like to be a super friend and help save the world in 2010, stop taking doughnuts to the work place or cakes and cookies to family affairs. Substitute veggies and salads and use low fat, low sugar dressing for all salads.

With obesity and diabetes at epidemic proportions in the USA, don’t be an enabler or a sabotager, be a trendsetter. Think healthy, bring healthy and love healthy.

Helen Saulsbury

Arroyo Grande

Not taking it

Thank God for Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, the savior of Democracy. His election victory is emblematic of how most of us in this country feel about what is happening in Washington, D.C.

We are angry with Democrats for foisting upon us 2,000-page bills that the majority of Americans reject and then trying to shove them down our throats with bribes to senators to buy their votes.

This is corruption of the worst order, to buy a “yes” vote from Sen. Mary Landrieu, Louisiana Democrat, with a $300 million bribe that we taxpayers will have to pay for is unthinkable. It is an outright bribe to Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska, to ask those of us in California and the other states to pay for Nebraska Obamacare. What about the bribes to the labor unions?

Is it fair for the rest of us to be forced to purchase health insurance while members of labor unions are exempt? The voters in Massachusetts have shown the rest of America just how mad we are and we are not going to take it anymore.

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Vote or don’t run

This Republican is disgusted by Meg Whitman’s voting record.

Her running for office is a joke. If you don’t vote, then you can’t play in the game.

Stephen Kniffen


Do what we need to

We the people need a national single-payer health care system administered by the federal government. There isn’t any viable reason that for-profit insurance companies should be involved in the health care system. If we need to provide Medicare for all through reconciliation, then that is what we need to do.

Bill Tkach

Paso Robles