Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/10

The war card

Isn’t this great? Sarah Palin suggested that President Barack Obama play the “war card” to get reelected in 2012. She must be studying history, because Napoleon did the same thing. He used war to ease unemployment.

Just kill off enough of the male population and this country would have full employment.

World War II: 400,000 deaths. Vietnam: 59,000 deaths. Iraq: 4,000 deaths and counting.

Another war is just what we need to solve all of our fiscal problems.

Robert Harway

San Luis Obispo

Different direction

In response to the letter from John Winthrop of Cayucos (“Dunes dispute,” Feb. 6): Next time you stroll through the Oceano beach entrance, turn right. No cars, plenty of sand and dune action plus no more problem with those messy cars and trucks.

Dennis Peck

Pismo Beach

Public option

I just learned that my insurance company is raising my small group health insurance premium from $702 per month to $1,029. That’s a 47 percent increase! I wouldn’t mind the high premium if I had one of those Cadillac plans, but I have a $6,000 deductible. That means that my employer and I will pay $18,348 before my insurance company pays one penny.

I wonder if this increase is needed to pay for all the contributions that the insurance companies gave Congress to kill health reform.

Or maybe it’s just because now that real health reform has failed, they think can get away with anything.

It doesn’t matter.

Either way, I could sure use that public option right now.

Jerry Rioux


Need competition

After reading the paper recently, I must say I’m mortified that Anthem Blue Cross is increasing their premiums 39 percent after they increased them last year 30 percent (“Insurer is asked to justify its rate hike,” Feb. 9).

Anthem Blue Cross needs to start thinking about the families in this state that are struggling and make some sacrifices like the rest of us. I own a small business and if I have a vendor that raises their prices like Anthem Blue Cross, I look for a new vendor. We need some competition and quick!

Tom Meinhold

San Luis Obispo

Shame on Gail

Your newspaper frequently reports about citizens within the county that work hard and contribute greatly to the general well-being of our community. Greed is never an option with these honorable citizens.

And then you have Gail Wilcox, who has seemingly taken advantage of every aspect of her job and now receives a cash bonus for her misdeeds. Her reward of $180,000 to step away from the mess she helped create is terrible (“Wilcox agrees to settlement offer,” Feb. 4).

Think of the many uses for that money to help people. Shame on you Gail!

Jack Harris

San Luis Obispo

Recycled ideas

I listened to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech and could see that he is definitely going green as he is recycling his old ideas from previous speeches. They never worked before and they won’t work now.

There were a few changes:

1. He did not mention Guantanamo or the potential trial of detainees in New York. He must have known these were unpopular items.

2. He did mention nuclear power as he knew he could get the support of the Republicans.

Obama could have been more “green” if he had cut his speech in half. Maybe he was trying to compete for length with Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez.

Norman Blomberg


Diminished rights

Jim Vint’s letter entitled “Airport privacy”(Jan. 15) is right on. “Rights,” as we’ve known them, have been diminished over the years and will undoubtedly continue to be diminished.

These won’t be limited to flying. There will be terror threats in other areas: Trains, buses, malls, arenas, ships, industrial installations and even in rural areas. The government’s response, if the past few attacks or attempts are any gauge, will undoubtedly be further restrictions on what we’ve assumed to be rights.

Vint has the right approach in view of all this. We will have to follow whatever rules are set down for us, but we still have choices. In the case of getting from Point A to Point B, we can choose to use any method of getting there, or even just staying in Point A. Speaking for myself, it will be a cold day in the crater of an erupting volcano before I set foot in another of those torture chambers with wings.

Richard Kinz


What people want

The people of Massachusetts have spoken: a Republican senator is in that state for the first time in decades. Now that is change we can believe in (“Republican win in Massachusetts jolts Democrats,” Jan. 20).

I wonder if Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the progressive (?) wing of the Democratic Party finally understand what the people want; real health care reform, smaller government, no new taxes, no back room deals, new jobs (not saved jobs) and it is OK to own and drive a truck.

John Krueger

Los Osos