Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/9

Just leave it alone!

As I read Sunday’s viewpoint by the mayor of Arroyo Grande, Tony Ferrara, I wondered how he considers adding a shopping center, moving Farmers Market, adding another park, tearing down the old “malt shop” and closing the Short Street entrance to our much-needed parking lot as enhancing our town (“A look at A.G.’s Village project,” Feb. 7).

He fails to mention the additional parking will be on a steep hillside behind the Branch Street Deli. There are a lot of older folks in our town who need level parking. Farmers Market will be relocated if this project is approved. What about the Harvest Festival, Car Show and art shows? Are we going to move all of them?

I have spoken to many people on this subject, and it seems we all share the same opinion. “Leave it alone!” Learn to enjoy Arroyo Grande without trying to change everything for your own satisfaction or legacy.

Call City Hall and express your opinion.

Lastly, to the volunteers who spend their own time and money keeping our town beautiful, keep up the good work as it is noticed and appreciated.

Jeff Beck

Arroyo Grande

Why so afraid?

Wow! Adrienne Dickinson (“Don’t be bought,” Feb. 3) and other liberals indicate how “terrified” they are about the Supreme Court’s ruling on spending limits.

A while ago, there were many amusing letters debating how liberals are smarter than conservatives, so I don’t understand this fear. I know conservatives are intelligent enough not to let a few extra political ads change their vote. If there is a controversial subject/claim in one of these ads, we have enough brains to investigate whether the claim is true or not.

Hmm ... why are the liberals so afraid?

Bob Yarnall

Paso Robles

Donate to library

A great way to support the Paso Robles Library and clean up your home or office bookshelves is to donate your used materials to the Friends of the Paso Robles Library.

The group will resell your donations at its Friends Store located just opposite the entrance to the local library. Proceeds from these sales help sponsor library projects and activities not covered by the library’s operating budget.

We accept gently used books, CDs, DVDs, audio tapes and current magazines. Items for donation can be left at the library’s circulation desk. If you have items to donate and need them picked up, please call 712-1936. All donations are tax deductible.

Bargain hunters and book lovers take note: the Friends of the Library holds a book sale the last Saturday of every month at the library from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. This month’s book sale will be Saturday, Feb. 27, in the library’s lobby.

Nan Madding

Paso Robles

Listening to voters

I was amused at the sub-headline on the article regarding President Barack Obama’s recent speech in New Hampshire (Feb. 3). That is, “(Obama) blasts Republicans for switching positions on important issues just to please voters.”

Excuse me, but isn’t that what elected politicians are supposed to do — listen to their voters? 

Edith Welter