Letters to the Editor

Letters on Hospital’s Closure of Rehabilitation Program

The business of care

I am a registered nurse, going on 27 years. I am saddened to be a firsthand witness over the years to the progressive takeover of our health care by business. How can anyone feel right about making money off of our health (or lack of health)?

Some people will need health care services a lot and others will not. Why would insurance companies, hospitals, medical corporations and facilities think this is a business to make money? Those who are blessed with good health should be extremely thankful. Those not so fortunate should be able to access the medical care they need. I am appalled at the costs of medical tests and care. It is so falsely inflated, it is unreal.

I feel compelled to mention that there has been a fiscal decision at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital that has eliminated a vital service to those coping with heart and lung diseases. There will no longer be cardiac rehabilitation or pulmonary rehabilitation therapy provided at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital. These two programs promoted health, independence in living, reduction of recidivism (use of medical treatment and recurrent illness) and increased ability to cope and maintain maximal health in living with these diseases.

Pat McQuillen


Speak up, speak out

I cannot believe what they are thinking! We live in a wonderful community, comprised of people of all ages with all degrees of needs. We have always been able to care for residents and tourists alike.

As the only community hospital in the South County, why would Catholic Healthcare West decide to close the outpatient cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation program at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital?

Yes you heard me — they are closing the cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation program and suggesting those who need these life-saving procedures join a gym or drive to Santa Maria.

Having been a recipient of the cardio rehabilitation portion (paid for by Medicare), I can testify to the concentrated, individual care.

Also being an auxiliary volunteer at the hospital, I have seen the degree of rehabilitation, social interaction and emotional support each and everyone receives.

Maybe they, the people at Catholic Healthcare West, need to hear from others who have experienced this service. Take a minute and write, phone or drop in and let them know what a void there will be in our community if this unit is closed. Do it now before it is too late.

A.K. “Pete” Dougall

Arroyo Grande