Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/04

Right to defend

Break out the aluminum foil and we can make hats for the Vandenberg missile test protesters. Hey, it’s America and these balding, gray-haired old hippies have every right to protest everything from a sewer project to a missile test.

America also has the right to defend itself. North Korea has developed a missile that may be able to reach the coast of Central California.

Sound familiar? Can’t we have a missile defense system? Absolutely.  

Mike Morgan

Los Osos

Tackiest letter

I’d like to comment on Madalyn McDaniel’s letter (“Let freedom sink,” Dec. 31). Her letter just may be the tackiest Republican letter of all of 2009.

How coincidental it was printed on the last day of 2009. McDaniel’s views, along with the recent behavior of the Republican so-called leadership of both houses of Congress in regard to the much needed health care reform, only reinforces the view that Republicans in general are really poor/sore losers.

I’d like to note, for general consideration, the following basic statement: Republicans, in general, create social injustice, while we Democrats are then left with the task of correcting the social injustice, caused by the minority party that has as its basic party line that “the rich should get richer and the poor should get poorer.” Let me sign off by saying: Harry Truman and Bill Clinton, where are you guys when the United States of America really needs you now!

Carl M. Ricard

Paso Robles

Obama’s losses

A recent New York Times article titled “A Year Later, Hope Dissolves Into Disappointment” was about how more Democrats have become disillusioned with President Barack Obama’s lies, conceit and feckless irresponsibility. Like the rest of us, they have finally realized that all Obama’s lofty promises of transparency, hope and positive change were nothing but a scam.

The havoc that Obama has wrought in only one year is unforgivable. Together with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, the state-controlled media and all his other anti-capitalist friends in the White House, Obama has purposely and systematically poisoned the economy, endangered our national security, emboldened our enemies and threatened our way of life. His ill-conceived and arrogant socialist vision for America is one that even his erstwhile supporters have rejected.

Obama has suffered staggering losses not only in Copenhagen, but in Virginia, New Jersey and now the most stunning of all, to Massachusetts’ Scott Brown, the first Republican senator in that state since 1966.

The second American revolution is well under way and soon all the atrocities of Obama will be only shadows of a far-distant past. And from now on, no so-called progressives need apply.

Larry Bargenquast

Santa Maria