Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/2

Disastrous decision

Larry Anderson’s letter chortling over the concerns of silly liberals (“Liberal, what a riot,” Jan. 27) suffers from several misconceptions.

Anderson parrots the commonly mistaken belief that “corporations provide jobs.” The majority of jobs in this country are created by small businesses. Corporations destroy jobs and local economies, putting local businesses out of business, slashing wages and sending jobs offshore.

The disastrous decision by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority to allow unlimited political contributions by corporations is not bad news for liberals and good news for right-wing folks like Anderson. It’s bad news for everybody. There’s only one type of entity that can afford to write a check for a billion dollars to get a candidate elected (or defeated), and it’s not Anderson’s dreaded labor unions.

Unless the Supreme Court’s action can be reversed or blunted legislatively, we are on the verge of having a Senate, Congress and White House purchased outright and wholly owned by the likes of Exxon Mobil, Monsanto, Bank of America and Wall Street. With the Supreme Court’s decision, Anderson, like every other U.S. citizen and our entire political system, is in deep trouble.

Gail Johnson

San Luis Obispo

Prep for Earth Day

The North County Earth Day Coalition is inviting anyone interested in volunteering to help plan and prepare for the upcoming Earth Day 2010 Festival at the Atascadero Lake Park on Sunday, April 18.

The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the common house of Oak Creek Commons, 635 Nicklaus Drive in Paso Robles. If you are unable to make this planning meeting but would like to assist in the next one, please let us know. 

Our objective is to create a free, family-oriented, environmental and educational festival focusing on answers and hope rather than on protest and blame, to support local green products, organizations and businesses and to offer waste-reducing and money saving tips on land, water, fuel and energy conservation in order to protect our ecosystems, lower our carbon footprints and live healthier lifestyles.

If you would like to sponsor or donate to the festival, participate as a volunteer, have a booth or exhibit, help with children and youth activities, run a workshop, etc., on the day of the festival, please contact us at ncearthday@gmail.com or call Ben at 461-1893.

Ben Lovejoy  


Keep O’Reilly

I read in your paper that you are re-evaluating your column lineup (“A variety of sources write Viewpoints,” Feb. 1).

Please keep Bill O’Reilly’s column. The purpose of a newspaper is to report the news, of course, but also to give both sides of political issues. We appreciate reading both sides — how else can a person make an informed political decision?

Judith L. Wiltse