Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/31

Corrupt lawmakers

The Tribune recently carried an Associated Press story with this headline: “38 lawmakers, including the Assembly speaker, fail to report lobbyists’ gifts” (Jan. 16). That same day, The Tribune carried another Associated Press story with the headline “Mortgage aid fails to deliver.” The first paragraph of the article indicates that President Barack Obama’s plan to fix the foreclosure crisis has been a dud.

It is widely believed by voters throughout the country that our national Congress is corrupt, and it appears that our state Assembly may be on the slide down. California voters will almost certainly view our own Assembly as a weak organization and possibly as corrupt as our federal Congress.

California voters can throw all Assembly representatives out of office, but as American history can clearly prove, there would be strong possibility that the people replacing the Assembly would almost certainly be inclined to be just as bad as those who were removed.

Frankly, one must wonder how these Assembly members can look at themselves in a mirror and go about their business just as if nothing is wrong.

If the shenanigans continue, the folks sitting now in the Assembly will be walking the streets looking for a job.

Roy E. Hollady

Morro Bay

Baseball drug abuse

Last summer, I attended a Cardinals versus Dodgers game in St. Louis. Manny Ramirez was playing that day, and the Cardinal fans booed and yelled obscenities at him every time he came on the playing field.

The well decked-out Dodger fans sitting a few rows in front of me took a lot of abuse from the Cardinal fans, too, all over the drug abuse issue.

I finally tired of the whole thing and yelled down to the Dodger fans, “How quickly they have forgotten Mark McGwire.”

A man, sitting in front of me with his teenage son, turned to me and said, very seriously, “Those were health supplements.” I said, “Just keep telling yourself he didn’t lie.”

Well, well, well. Are we surprised? Didn’t Jose Canseco rat out the good ol’ boys club and take a pummeling for telling the truth? Suppose anyone has apologized to him yet? Being an old fan of baseball, I hope the old records stand, not the drug ones.

I wonder how the man who sat in front of me that day feels now. And, the Dodgers won that day in the last inning.

Penny Takier

Paso Robles