Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/30

Muzzling barking mutts

Hurray for the San Luis Obispo City Council for passing the anti-noise ordinance and, hopefully, reducing the noise pollution that attacks the sanctity of our homes (“SLO gets tougher on noise violators,” Jan. 20).

I assume the new law applies to barking dogs, a much bigger problem in our neighborhood than student parties. Dogs do not wear watches and their vocal cords work 24/7. Let’s all remember that a good neighbor is a quiet neighbor.

Carroll R. McKibbin

San Luis Obispo

Ahh, sounds of silence

Lon Allan’s column about newspapers versus TV hit the nail on the head and I couldn’t agree with him more (“The quiet of a newspaper vs. the noise of television,” Jan. 26).

I’d much rather share the news in print with my wife than listen to the babble on the “tube.” The only time the newspaper isn’t quiet in our home is when Kelly and I work out the crossword puzzle. Pencil sounds and eraser sounds.

If the saying “silence is golden, let’s get rich” is true, then reading the newspaper will certainly make you a millionaire!

John Laycak


Earning canine karma

I want to thank the person who found our dog last night or this morning and took her to the Bear Valley Animal Clinic in Los Osos. We were frantically looking for her since she went missing last night.

I would really like to be able to thank you personally, but I called the veterinarian and they did not even know who you were. So anyway, thank you so much! We love her very much and we are so grateful. I believe in karma and I think you just got a lot of the good stuff. Deborah Murphy

Los Osos

No need for losing folks

How many people with dementia have to be lost before our citizenry wakes up? People who disappear who have Project Lifesaver bracelets are found in the U.S. within an average of 30 minutes, even if they are hidden from view.

The San Luis Obispo Lions Club spearheaded sponsorships from all the county Lions Clubs, and in partnership with the sheriff’s department and Senior Volunteer Services, this service is provided to people with dementia. Scholarships are provided to anyone who cannot afford the service.

Please, if your loved one has even slight dementia, get them a Project Lifesaver bracelet for their safety. We don’t want any more lost people.

For more information, call 548-0909 or look up Project Livesaver on the Internet.

Pearl Thoma

San Luis Obispo

Lower the birth rate

I enjoyed Ellen Goodman’s last column as she retires (“Retirement brings glance forward, back,” Jan. 1). We “senior citizens” are a new phenomenon, as the average life expectancy in 1900 was about 47 years, while today, it is about 80.

With people living longer, the total number of Homo sapiens on this fragile planet has increased by nearly 5 billion people in just one person’s lifetime (mine).

We must either lower the birth rate or increase the death rate. At 85, I prefer the former. Every restroom should have condom and morning-after pill dispensers.

Bill Denneen


An outrageous ruling

The recent 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court to allow corporations to spend unlimited funds on elections is outrageous (“Supreme Court lifts campaign spending limits,” Jan. 22).

I have been saying for years that we need to add the following seven word amendment to our Constitution: “A corporation is not a person.”

Another idea to consider is to abolish the Supreme Court.

Daniela Arnon

San Luis Obispo

A taxing situation

Thanks Massachusetts. The Tea Party was never about tea.

Jim Weir