Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/28

Ordinance question

Bob Cuddy’s Jan. 23 article on the county’s prevailing wage ordinance stated that voters passed the ordinance in 1984. I wasn’t here in 1984, but I was here between 1978 and 1981. I worked in the County Administrator’s Office, and the prevailing wage ordinance was most definitely in effect during that period.

Perhaps there was something on the ballot in 1984 pertaining to the ordinance, but it was approved by the voters before that time.

Kent Taylor

San Luis Obispo

Editor’s note: The county’s prevailing wage ordinance was first approved by voters in 1972; a revision to the ordinance was passed in 1984.

Thanks for service

Recently, I was at a breakfast that was held to honor some of the good citizens who serve our community. At that event, my eyes were opened to how many people are involved in all the different service groups in this county.

The work and service these wonderful people lovingly and so generously perform is a great blessing to all of us. The biblical quote from Matthew 25:40 comes to mind. “ ... inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Thank you to all of you who do so much to help the people of this community.

Mark S. Goforth

Paso Robles

Support kudos

On behalf of the San Luis Obispo County Child Abuse Prevention Council Board of Directors, I want to thank Central Coast Funds for Children for their ongoing support of the RealCare Parenting Program. Since 1998, Central Coast Funds for Children continues to support the Child Abuse Prevention Council in its efforts to provide RealCare infant dolls, shaken baby syndrome models, the empathy belly and promotion of substance abuse awareness with the fetal alcohol/drug affected demonstrators.

These resources are provided free to schools and youth groups upon request. Under the guidance of teachers and health educators, young people learn how parenting impacts one’s lifestyle profoundly, they learn to identify symptoms of shaken baby syndrome and to understand the consequences of alcohol use and drug exposure on newborns.

Central Coast Funds for Children is a valued community partner. With their ongoing support, prevention education resources like the RealCare Parenting Program are offered throughout San Luis Obispo County as needed.

For more information on the RealCare Parenting Program, call 543-6216 or visit our Web site at www.slocap.org.

Lisa Fraser

Executive Director of the San Luis Obispo County Child Abuse Prevention Council

Safety significance

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission met in San Luis Obispo on Tuesday to review three violations of NRC requirements which resulted in Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant operating in a compromised condition (“Regulators fault Diablo for not testing valves,” Wednesday).

For more than a year, the reactor ran with a significant but undetected flaw in its emergency core cooling system. And yet, as reporter David Sneed accurately reported, the NRC considers the problem to be of “very low” safety significance.

The San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace uses a different set of criteria. Everyone expects automobile manufacturers to verify all safety systems before selling cars because unnecessary risk of accident is not acceptable. Even Toyota has just taken eight of its models completely off the market until it can deem them completely safe (“Toyota suspends sales of eight models in recall,” Wednesday). The consequences of an accident at a nuclear power plant would be catastrophic by comparison with an automobile failure.

The lax attitude toward safety demonstrated by the recent problem at Diablo Canyon has a high significance for safety.

Jane Swanson

San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace