Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/27

Why not re-elect?

Comments for Matt Kokkonen (we recently met at the U.S. Post Office):

My belief is that we should only vote for a candidate that represents American thinking and values. I will not vote to re-elect any candidate in the 2010 or 2012 elections. I only vote for someone that supports freedom from tyranny, restoring property rights, rule-of-law and conservative common sense issues relating to Americanism.

Why not re-elect? Because politicians are not telling us the truth now, nor have they told us the truth in the past. Current politicians want only power over us to promote the new Socialism called environmentalism. They have self-serving motives and they are Republicans, Democrats and Liberals who have destruction of Capitalism on their agenda.

Matt, you have a very tough fight on your hands. You will not get the Legislature to cut jobs, cut budgets, cut spending or cut taxes. There are too many people in Sacramento that depend on “project” funding for more Government power over the voter and taxpayer. Watch out for the unions that control schools and prisons. You have to reform the government.

Martin Zuanich

San Luis Obispo

On Brown’s win

Yea! With Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts, health care reform will go down in flames. The insurance companies can continue to gouge us while buying votes from congresspeople on both sides of the aisle (“Republican win in Massachusetts jolts Democrats,”  Jan. 20).

Alright! We’ll continue to have one of the highest infant mortality rates among first world countries. Way to go! And thousands of people without insurance will continue to die prematurely each year. Oh, wait ...

Helen Anderson

San Luis Obispo

Locals should run it

We had a storm alright. The corporations against the real people. Wake up San Luis Obispo. The corporations are in our town. We have one of the best farmers markets in the country. Let locals run it.

The Overley Family


Congress’ condition

It would save ink and space if you used OCOA rather than “on condition of anonymity.” This seems to be almost the only way any member of Congress will speak to any news person.

Jeff Jeffries

Los Osos

Thanks, bell ringers

Despite a declining economy, the generosity of our community was much in evidence this year.

Widows, children and families chose to help our needy by contributing to the Salvation Army kettles. Bell ringers included Boy Scouts, 4-H Club members and retirees who helped make the Christmas season a time for helping families. It brings to mind the film “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It reaffirms what a marvelous community we are fortunate to live in throughout the year.

Will Perry

Morro Bay

Same-sex marriages

Those opposed to same-sex marriages use every scare tactic imaginable to prevent it. So in the five states where it’s legal, has the true meaning of marriage diminished? Have children in same-sex marriage homes been harmed? Have divorce rates for traditional marriages increased? Have taxes been raised substantially to provide benefits to same-sex marriage spouses and dependents?

Or have they extended the equality the rest of us take for granted to a small group of Americans? Have they helped some folks feel their love is equal to others who fall in love and are able to get married? Has it helped some people feel they are more accepted and equal members in their families, their community and society?

I understand changing the laws of this country may not ever change the opinion of those opposed to same-sex marriages. Those people can believe whatever they want. But the laws of this country should not promote discrimination against a group of Americans based on religion, fear of something intangible or for illogical reasons.

I see an America where we can have different views and opinions, but we still can have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.

Ron Belben

Paso Robles

War solutions

The situation that now appears to be escalating in the Middle East is an ongoing concern that began at the close of the Roman Empire. It was first a jockeying for power between Rome and Constantinople, which later involved Islam and Christianity. Later, Britain acquired control in the region to protect its trade routes to the east. Now oil is the deciding factor.

Our military presence is doing nothing but presenting the militant Islamic groups with an ongoing raison d’etat to maintain their jihad; to consider that we are “at war” is sheer nonsense. The 9/11 affair was nothing but a series of disastrous errors on the part of our intelligence departments and the administration and should never have occurred.

What must be done is to withdraw all of our military from the region and begin working with those countries most involved to attempt to recognize the difficulties and settle them. There will be much opposition for this solution, but it is the only sensible course to resolve this tragic affair.

Our chief problem is that since World War II, the power of the Pentagon has become a disturbing force in regards to diplomacy worldwide.

W.R. Cole

Arroyo Grande

Types of unemployed

By the 1970s, Germany recognized two types of unemployment: cyclical and structural. “Cyclical” is the familiar type seen many times.

“Structural” refers to jobs that will not come back, ever. A terrible question is posed: What happens to those human beings whose jobs are not coming back? How do we allocate “titles to consume” to people with no job-based income?

“Titles to consume” means access to housing, food, clothing, education, transportation and health care. Numerous people will be structurally and permanently unemployed when this recession ends. If we choose to disregard adults and let them suffer unaided, do we also wish to do the same with their children?

We are rushing headlong into a period where we will not have the resources to continue to support unnecessary and parasitic jobs in our dying, preposterous “service economy.” So what do we choose to do when we arrive at the time in which the economy does not have any use for a large percentage of our people?

I would opt for jobs programs, as in the New Deal, but that would at best be an interim measure. So now what do we do?

Don Grant

San Luis Obispo

Peter to pay Paul

Any government that robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul. Myself and many other ordinary taxpayers are fatigued playing the role of Peter.

Dick Pottratz (“Too many rights,” Jan. 7) was speaking out for us increasingly few remaining Peters. I want to thank him publicly.

Scott C. Boyd


Editors stop terror

During World War II, Americans were warned about loose lips sinking ships. While modern technology boosts our ability to fend off enemies, it failed in the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attempted bombing of the Detroit-bound jetliner on Christmas.

There is a lot of blame being slung around by government agencies. An interesting point that keeps arising is “the failure to connect the dots.” Some of these “dots” were simple errors that a good editor would have corrected.

Computer programs created to catch spelling and grammatical mistakes are great tools, but only when accompanied by a wordsmith poring over documents looking for the kind of errors, that when overlooked by a machine, facilitate an explosives-laden terrorist to board a passenger plane.

After President Barack Obama’s speech, he stated there would a surge in hiring air marshals. The job possibilities are enormous, but overlooked in this solution for terrorism in the skies is the need to combat it with editors on the ground. A sharp-eyed one would have connected those relevant “dots.”

An air marshal should be the last resort for stopping a terrorist at 30,000 feet when a competent editor can be an effective means for stopping one at the gate. Period.

Mary Alice Altorfer

Paso Robles

Liberal, what a riot

It’s always nice to come home and read the latest letters to the editor from our liberal residents. They usually provide some much needed humor.

On Jan. 22, for example, Joe Hugh railed against the latest Supreme Court ruling in favor of corporations being able to contribute more to political campaigns than is currently allowed. I don’t know why he would be upset, after all this also includes the large unions that are in bed with the president and his Democratic Party.

The Democrats also have the three main TV networks on their side and the vast majority of metropolitan newspapers, starting with The New York Times.

Then there was a letter from a gentleman from Cambria seething about Sean Hannity and using the expression “political earthquake” in the wake of Scott Brown’s victory. Of course, Sean used that phrase even before the Haitian earthquake.

Also, Terry Mohan railing against corporations. I trust Mr. Mohan must have worked for the government or in the academic world, so he doesn’t understand that corporations provide job — livelihoods that include the money to purchase goods and services. Maybe he’ll think of that when he thinks where his car, home, furniture, etc. came from — certainly not from the money stimulus pouring in from Washington.

Larry Anderson

Paso Robles