Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/26

‘Teachable moment’

I want to express our gratitude for AnnMarie Cornejo’s article, “Golden years gone missing,” that was published Jan. 17.

Situations like the one with George Carpenter are tragic, and we dearly hope he will be found. In the midst of this tragedy, Cornejo found a “teachable moment” in which we can try to reach readers who are caring for someone with dementia in the hopes of preventing situations like this in the future.

Sara Bartlett

Area Director for the San Luis Obispo County Alzheimer’s Association

Stupid Americans

So let me understand this clearly: Had the Nigerian would-be bomber had a backpack on and he tried to light something, let’s say in Iraq or some other terrorist country, and one of our military witnessed it, he would have been shot on the spot.

However, because he chose to try and blow up an airliner in our country, we have now given him his Miranda rights and provided him with an attorney. Can someone explain to me just how he even has Miranda rights? Is this really a war on terror or some game we are playing with extremists?

There were probably 50 passengers who could testify as to what occurred, but I am sure the terrorist’s attorney is going to argue that he was merely a young lad, gone astray and brainwashed by al-Qaida, and he may just get a slap on the wrist, with instruction to go on his way and sin no more. How much is this trial and the legal counsel provided going to cost us, the American taxpayers?

It is no wonder why we are looked at as stupid Americans. What else could possibly explain this?

George Pistoresi

Paso Robles

Fair and balanced?

Fox News is proud to have the following on its payroll: Mike Huckabee (former Arkansas governor), Karl Rove (top aide to George W. Bush), Michael Steele (former commentator, now Republican National Committee chairman) and Mary Matalin (former top aide to Dick Cheney). All well-known conservatives.

When Sarah Palin announced her joining Fox News as a contributor on political commentary and analysis, she stated: “It’s wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.”

Edith Mascolo

Los Osos

Doing more with less

Regarding Myra Strunk’s letter to the editor (“Drop Home & Garden,” Jan. 5):

Let me start by saying absolutely not! The opinion expressed below is a biased one. As a local nursery owner, this diatribe will be focused on the garden half of Home & Garden. If Strunk would actually read the articles instead of being offended by photos of the finished projects, she would learn that most of the written material encourages doing more with less.

In these times, people are simply around their homes more. No matter if you reside in an apartment, condo, mobile home or a house, now is the time to get inspired. The Home & Garden section is an excellent source of inspiration. Go to any local nursery or garden center, and you will walk away with many wonderful, inexpensive ideas for your living space.

From planting a houseplant to putting a few plants in the ground, these activities provide therapy for the participant thus promoting wellness, instead of envy of other’s opulence. One would encourage Strunk to change part of her space and submit it to The Tribune for consideration. She may very well inspire others.

Joel Stern

Shell Beach