Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/25

Just make it legal

It’s time to stop the madness people. The so-called “war on drugs” has been killing this country and destroying the world.

We have the largest prison population in the free world, mainly due to “illegal” drugs. We have been involved in Afghan-istan with no real end in sight. Why Afghanistan? Because it grows more opium poppies than any other country on Earth. Not to mention the chaos and anarchy these “illegal” drugs are causing in Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The “war on drugs” is really World War III in disguise. Every country in the world is affected by these outlawed drugs. Drugs have corrupted police departments, soldiers, bureaucrats and politicians, as well as average citizens looking for a fast buck.

For my whole life, the problem has been getting worse and worse. Everything they can think of has been tried to alleviate the problem to no avail. The only solution that will ever work is to “legalize” drugs. Only then will the black market dry up and go away.

So let’s stop the madness everybody. Let’s “legalize” drugs and put an end to World War III: the “war on drugs.”

David E. Murray Templeton

Well-rounded schools

In regard to the article addressing the proposed cuts in the Paso Robles Unified School District budget, our group of seniors is very concerned that our children will be deprived of a well-rounded education (“Deep cuts on the table for Paso Robles schools,” Jan. 8).

We know math and science are pre-eminent, however, increasing class size and eliminating music and sports leaves them bereft of a complete education.

Some suggestions are:

Our children are our future, so let’s provide the tools they need to survive in the 21st century.

Vicki Reeder, Lorraine Friedman, Meda Molina, Joy Bechtold, Beverly Bridges Paso Robles

Only true reform

I am very discouraged with the entire legislative process. I hope there is still an opportunity to act with sense and compassion and not out of greed. Please consider fighting for a single-payer option to health care reform. It’s really the only true reform.

Lisa Ankenbrandt San Luis Obispo

Folding Congress

Folding. It’s what we do with our fresh laundry or the just-read newspaper. It’s not what our representatives are supposed to do with legislation that determines whether or not we can live out our lives as though we were living in the “greatest democracy in history.”

I’ve never had to depend more on my private insurance than in this past year because I’m getting more and more sick of our Democratic, filibuster-proof Congress’ folding: folding our hopes, folding our dreams, folding our futures.

Whatever the so-called “health” industry has on each member of our folding Congress, it must be horrendous. This Congress needs to be folded, neatly, and placed into the proper receptacle out on the street. I’m mad as hell and I’m not ... oh, yeah, we had that election. And, we won?

Mark Bailie San Luis Obispo

A big bike thanks

The holiday season is over and the Bay-Osos Kiwanis club would like to take a moment to thank the entire San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department-Honor Farm, Sheriff Christensen, Kiwanis Youth Services Director Steve Auslender and Nicole Anderson for their help with the bicycle program.

The bicycle program provides bicycles to low-income families during the holiday season. There were 25 bikes collected by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department-Honor Farm throughout the community and distributed by the Bay-Osos Kiwanis club to children in Los Osos.

Bay-Osos Kiwanis is an organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time. The Bay-Osos Kiwanis club first met 27 years ago with these founding members, who are still members: George Janeway, Warren Lilly, Peter Starlings, Vladimir Von Rauner and Steve Auslender. The club has been as large as 65 members. We would be delighted to see you at one of our meetings at the Sea Pines Golf Resort on Wednesdays starting at 12:15 p.m.

Steve Auslender Los Osos