Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/24

Glimpse the truth

The truth is that our elected House representatives and Senators care more about themselves than they do about the health care of those who elected them.

The truth is that Americans are a generous, caring people who have shown the people in Haiti that we give of ourselves more than the world thinks.

The truth is that President Barack Obama underestimated the scope of his office and now has to learn on the job.

The truth is that Americans need to trust in God to help them through these tough times.

The truth is that the Bible is the only source of truth that will never change.

Can you handle the truth?

Mark Sobowits

Paso Robles

Talk about noise

So residents of San Luis Obispo have had it with noise from fraternity parties (“It’s time to strengthen noise laws,” Jan. 19). On the same page, a proud parent was upset that there were people who objected to a letter writer who wanted a ban on dirt bikes (“Don’t ban dirt bikes,” Jan. 19).

I would support a ban on dirt bikes for another reason, one which falls in with the people in San Luis Obispo regarding noise. I am fed up with incessant noise from endless hours of roaring back and forth, over humps, doing wheelies, etc. on little vehicles with no mufflers.

There are places where one can take their kids and roar to their heart’s content, but using these vehicles even in rural areas is an affront to neighbors.

Dick Rogers


A pro-life appeal

Jan. 15 marked the anniversary of the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. King spoke with great eloquence about the value of every human being. According to his children, on the most part, their father practiced what he preached.

Friday, we recognized another anniversary — that of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. Surely the 40 to 50 million babies that have been aborted in the United States since then have cost us dearly both in terms of moral authority and economic vitality. But recent polls tell us that there is a significant shift toward the pro-life position.

My appeal today is for fathers here on the Central Coast to strengthen this shift by doing two things. First, if you have a daughter, commit yourself to helping her see how valuable and loved she is so she won’t seek that affirmation elsewhere.

Second, if you have a son, tell him with conviction that if he ever gets a young woman pregnant, whether he marries her or not, you will expect him to support his child’s mother in every way he can as she carries that child.

By doing this, you, like King, can help return our nation to its intended greatness.

Randy Nash

Pastor, Los Osos Christian Fellowship

Let’s try real trade

This Christmas, I felt sad and frightened for our country. When I think about the gifts that we have purchased for our family and friends such as clothing, electronic items, small appliances and tools, without exception all were made in China.

If we were exporting to China goods of equal value, I wouldn’t be sad and frightened, knowing that Americans had jobs creating those exported items. We exported our manufacturing jobs. But when China erects barriers to our items of trade, then it’s not really trade. It’s goods for promise to pay, but what do we pay with?

Our leaders are blind to the coming payday when China wants to collect its debt. We can either have rampant inflation and pay back with 10-cent dollars, where everyone’s savings are ruined, or start to try to buy elsewhere with other nations that will trade with us, goods for goods, until China does the same. Would Wal-Mart and Home Depot lead the way? Our elected officials are reluctant to face reality.


Hal Larson

San Luis Obispo

A bad sewer solution

It doesn’t matter how long they talk about the Los Osos sewer. The real facts are that the only system that they keep talking about is the wrong system for Los Osos. It is unaffordable for most of the people and will not save our precious groundwater. It will take too much energy to run, and the problem of sludge removal is horrendous.

This system is not the right one for Los Osos, especially when people are hanging onto their homes by only a thread. We are not against a sewer that is sustainable and affordable like other communities have in many parts of California.

Please, ask yourself, could I afford a $200 per month sewer bill? Please don’t do this to us. There are much less expensive systems available that are more sustainable, and the supervisors know it. Public Works knows it also. Is there corruption in our local government?

Marlene McQueen

Los Osos

Editing resolution

As I was contemplating an appropriate resolution for the new year, a review of your newspaper provided me the perfect subject. Despite the technology of spell check and a variety of other tools, I still evidence proficiency at misspelled words, scrambled syntax and other grammatical failures.

Your masthead reference to “Thursday,” Jan. 1, 2010 offered me both comfort (I am not alone in the art of printed faux pas) and a determination to improve my skill set. Perhaps your front page editor would like to join with me in the effort.

Ron Dodgen

Arroyo Grande

Not teachers’ fault

There is again political outcry to make teachers responsible. But how can teachers be held accountable when parents, taxpayers and administrators aren’t?

We lived in a neighborhood in Sacramento County when I volunteered to help in a third-grade classroom. There were 32 children in the class, a third of which were hyperactive. The first day I watched as the teacher tried to get the kids to work in small groups. Several boys were constantly up, moving around and talking to others. It was an impossible situation.

The teacher had me take five of the better-behaved kids outside to work at a picnic table, but we could hear the mayhem going on inside.

The principal told me at least a third of the kids were from dysfunctional families. Many kids had to fix meals and do housework besides going to school, while their divorced mothers were drunk, on dope or clinically depressed.

Not until taxpayers are willing to support small-sized classes, parents are involved in their children’s education and administrators support teachers instead of coming up with more inane reports can we begin to expect teachers to be responsible for how kids do in their classes.

Roy Berger

Arroyo Grande

Investing tips

I have been reading The Tribune’s latest series of articles on investing. For more than 30 years, I have done my own investing and have surmised the following five suggestions based on my experience:

1. Investigate before you invest.

2. Do not place all your savings in one place. Diversify.

3. If you cannot afford to lose your investment, then place it in risk-free locations like CDs, savings bonds, etc. You may not gain much in the way of interest, but you will never lose your principle and you will sleep at night.

4. Remember: High reward equals high risk.

5. Never allow anyone to have the right (power of attorney) to make investment decisions on your behalf without your knowledge and permission.

Maxwell Ira Tuman

Arroyo Grande