Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/11

Union confusion

I have a question. Where is it the law (city, county, state or federal) that a business of any size has to hire union workers? One puts out the job and chooses the one they can afford.

What is Carpenters Local 150 doing to Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab (“Arroyo rallies around ice cream shop owner,” Dec. 30)? Labor dispute? For one thing, Doc’s didn’t hire anyone to work on the Santa Maria store. That was the mall’s concern.

Greg Steinberger has tried on several occasions to contact the union, and they have not responded. Why? 

I have worked for Steinberger since before he opened the Arroyo Grande store, and not one time have I seen him do wrong. In fact, it’s the best job I’ve ever had. I just don’t understand what is going on with this union, but I do believe it is wrong.

Kathy Trosper Oceano

Generous donation

The South County Youth Coalition would like to take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge and thank the members of the Central Coast Funds for Children for their generous donation to our organization.

It is the goal of the South County Youth Coalition to empower and support the youth and families in the South County, and these funds will go a long way in helping us achieve this goal.

The Central Coast Funds for Children is an outstanding organization, and we are so proud to partner with them in our mission to help children in our community.

Laurie Morgan South County Youth Coalition

Praise for the pound

I am writing this to compliment the employees and volunteers at San Luis Obispo County Animal Control Services.

I found two bull mastiffs running in traffic on Los Osos Valley Road. I was able to round them up and into my car. From the moment I entered animal services and explained that I had these dogs in my car, I received excellent and polite service.

The dogs were immediately taken from my car and placed into clean runs with fresh water. All the runs were clean, the facility smelled fresh and everything was in order.

Most importantly, the volunteers were efficient and friendly. I left feeling the dogs were in capable hands.

I was even more impressed when I went to post these two dogs on craigslist that night and found that animal services had already listed them as found and turned into the shelter.

Sadly, these well-conditioned and mannered dogs had nice new collars on but no ID tags, nor were they chipped. I hope the owners claim them.

Felicia M. Cashin San Luis Obispo

Rescind tax cuts

Here is a novel idea: rescind the tax cuts to the wealthiest 5 percent of Americans. This tax cut was a gift from George Bush and is running into the trillions of dollars. It will continue unless we put a stop to it.

Had President Barack Obama rescinded it earlier, our Treasury would not be empty, and we wouldn’t be fighting over programs designed to help our country become healthier, safer, stronger and more respected throughout the world.

Returning to the tax structure in 2001 will not drive the rich into poverty. We need to do what is right for the majority of Americans, not just the wealthiest, elite 5 percent. The present tax cut serves a minority of voters and is not good for America.

Norm Jackson Atascadero

Let’s talk cars

Let’s talk cars. If you stand along the 405 freeway in Los Angeles and count foreign cars, you’re overwhelmed in a few hours. On our most recent two-week trip touring southern Europe, I counted American cars. Exactly 14. There were also few Japanese gasoline/electric hybrids.

GM sells some cars in Europe, but not Cadillac. The only people in the world who think Cadillac is some measure of success live in North America. In the rest of the world, the German cars rule. Cadillac is building a diesel version for the European and Asian markets, but our Environmental Protection Agency will prohibit its sale here in the U.S. That is the root of the problem and why American car companies are in the tank.

Gas mileage in the low 30s is somehow magical for the Americans. In Europe, diesel rules and mileage is 45 mpg for the 2010 Mercedes E-Class, 65 mpg for the Ford Fiesta and 71 mpg for the European Smart car. Lets send our “New Car Czar” and EPA heads on a trip to Europe — they just might learn something.

Bob Blair Arroyo Grande

Citizens’ safety first

Although I am in sympathy with Craig Kelso’s noble Christian views that war cannot bring peace, we must realize, as President Barack Obama does, that a nation that contains people of many faiths cannot follow Christian non-violent ideals (“Renounce ‘just war,’ ” Dec. 23).

After all, Jesus died on a cross, and you cannot expect that of a nation whose first duty is to preserve the life of its citizens so they can pursue their personal ideals.

F. Stewart Thomson Atascadero

Obama’s wrong turn

President Barack Obama has taken a wrong turn on the road to peace. He has forgotten his promises and ideals. He has bowed to pressure from hawks and generals and is leading the American people into an unforeseeable future in the Afghanistan region.

He calls Afghanistan a war of necessity and a just war, but it is neither necessary nor just. It is a foolish and heartbreaking mistake to send 30,000 more soldiers into harm’s way for an indefinite period when our military is already stretched to the breaking point and a price tag of billions will be passed on to our children.

Even the timeline for beginning withdrawal is misleading. The president is trying to have it both ways — accept a Nobel Peace Prize in one hand and carry a big stick in the other. It can’t be done.

It saddens me as an American citizen and a person of faith that our nation and its leaders continue to put trust in weapons of war over humanitarian and development aid. If a just and peaceful future exists, it won’t come as a result of this president’s recent decision.

Rev. Mark Richardson Los Osos