Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/10

Cyclist warnings needed

I feel as if I am risking my life every time I am on the Bob Jones trail. I have almost been hit several times by bicycle riders while walking the trail, or attempting to.

The cyclists whiz by from behind, almost silently. As the lane is not wide enough to accommodate both the cyclists and the walkers, this is an accident in the making.

I would like to suggest there be postings at various positions along this beautiful trail that would require or strongly suggest a cyclist use the term, “on your left/right,” as is done in skiing. Not only would this be a courtesy, it is a probable life saver, in particular to the cyclist, whose speed can get up there.

In lieu of postings, a bike bell would work wonderfully in warning of an approaching cyclist.

Skip Alford

Avila Beach

Constitutional ignorance

This letter is in regards to the State Roundup that ran in The Tribune on Dec. 23.

I want to bring to the attention of the Sonoma County officials their complete ignorance of the contents of the U.S. Constitution, as obviously the complainant, Irv Sutley, did. Sutley demanded that all angels, stars, etc. be removed from the Christmas trees around the county buildings. He said his constitutional rights were be violated by having them there.

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it mention God. Nowhere does it mention that you cannot display stars and angels in December. If any of the Sonoma County officials or Sutley had read the Constitution, this would of all been a moot point. As for Sutley, now I know that Scrooge exists, and I will pray for him.

Djinn Ruffner-Little

Paso Robles

Kevin McCarthy’s goals

Am I the only one wondering why Rep. Kevin McCarthy was elected to represent our fair county (“McCarthy looking to swell GOP ranks with new recruits,” Dec. 27)?

Apparently, he is proud of the fact that he spends all of his time on “the back roads of America,” speaking on behalf of his party (the same party that apparently has been taken over by the lunatic fringe).

Meanwhile, who represents us? Is this what all of us are paying him for? If you look at his voting record, you will notice that he almost always votes in lock step with his party, often to our detriment.

How about electing someone who truly cares about our district?

McCarthy should care more for us than the possibility of being elected to lead important committees in Congress. We are all aware that that is McCarthy’s goal in life, but that is not what we elected him to do.

Jacqueline Bosanko


Childish comments

Shirley Bianchi’s comments regarding the size of Rush Limbaugh’s heart were childish to say the least, especially coming from the pen of a former county supervisor (“Rush diagnosis,” Jan. 7).

To say that I was surprised is an understatement.

Justine Cameron

Los Osos

Subdued bigotry

The ink is hardly dry on the reparations checks sent to survivors of Japanese-American World War II internment camps, and now conservative pundits are refuting arguments made against racial profiling at our airports.

If we strip search every passenger that looks like he could be from the Middle East, Indonesia or Sub-Sahara Africa, it doesn’t narrow the field much.

Targeting “illegal aliens” with criminal records will not make a dent in the crime rate, as our own criminals are responsible for the guns being smuggled out of the country, and our own population is the market for drugs coming in.

Behind every criticism of “political correctness” is a subdued bigotry against anyone “not like us.” But soon, Caucasians will not be the majority in the United States.

Steve Felten

Paso Robles

New representatives

Is health care in this country going to be determined by what the people want or by what the insurance and pharmaceutical corporations want?

Our “representatives” seem to be more concerned about the corporations than the people who they are elected to represent.

One easy way to deal with this is to throw out the current lot and elect representatives who truly represent us.

Tomos Morris

Paso Robles