Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/8

Thanks to the band!

On Dec. 11, a group of students from the Paulding Middle School Patriot Band appeared at our front door and played holiday music. What an enjoyable experience to have young people taking their time and talent to entertain senior citizens.

We thought the community should know about this and recognize the planning and efforts of them, their parents and the band director. Our understanding is that a number of groups from the band did this for various people. Thank you all!

Eugene and Rebanis Gloye

Grover Beach

More than a teacher

Marilyn Behrens has been my friend for more than 30 years. She taught both my daughters at Village Children’s Center. Behrens’ children attended Sunnyside School along with my children, where she was honored by the PTA. Behrens seemed a little embarrassed, as if she would rather be working than honored. Behrens became secretary at Morro Bay High School, where she heard every excuse possible for tardiness or absence.

Recently, I attended a retirement party for Behrens where I saw many people come out on a rainy afternoon to honor a quiet lady whose presence will be sorely missed. Behrens is moving north to be with her children and grandchildren.

She will never be forgotten at Morro Bay. When Bobbie Kay was dying of cancer and still teaching at Morro Bay, Kay would cry in Behrens’ arms and then go on to teach her class, her fears comforted by Behrens. That’s what Behrens did for Morro Bay High School … her job and so much more.

Marilyn, your children and grandchildren will be blessed by your presence, and you take a part of our heart with you. Farewell and godspeed, and don’t forget to visit the Middle Kingdom.

Carol Zarek

Los Osos

Leave dogs at home

You took your dogs shopping with you and rolled down the windows for them. I was at Game Stop recently, and when I parked, there was no car next to me on the driver’s side. When I came out, there was a tan van next to my blue truck. When I started to get in my truck, your two dogs jumped up, stuck their heads out of the window and started barking and growling. They scared me, I ducked, turned away and fell.

After my son helped me up, we went in the store and tried to find out who owned the car. When we came out, you were pulling away. I only hope you didn’t hear me yell in the store, “Who has the car outside with the two dogs in it that just tried to attack me!”

I hurt my knee, my hands are scraped and my back aches. I am aware that your dogs were only protecting their property, but that is why they should be left home.

I went to the doctor yesterday and had my knee checked. If it does not heal, my son did get your license plate number as you pulled away.

Charlotte A. Wood

San Luis Obispo

Bill not so great

In all of the television news reports, newspaper articles, radio programs, etc. about health care legislation, there are some important aspects that have not been mentioned. Nothing has been said about the number of boards, panels, commissions, committees, etc. that will be required to oversee and handle the implementation of the bill.

There has also been no mention of how many thousands of employees will have to be put on the government payroll to staff these entities. What is the estimated cost of these people?

Another point of interest: If this legislation is really great, as we have been told, why was it necessary to bribe several senators with millions of taxpayers’ dollars in order to get them to vote in favor of it?

If this legislation is so great, why doesn’t it go into effect now, instead of in four years? Our taxes will increase in January, but we will see no benefits for four years.        Regardless of your opinion of the health care legislation, every American should be incensed at the sleazy actions that have occurred in the U.S. Senate lately. It is quite apparent that our Senate is ethically bankrupt (as is our Treasury).

Stanley D. Schaffer

Arroyo Grande

Outlaw dirt bikes

Another person loses their life riding a dirt bike (“Farewell to a friend,” Jan. 6). The list of deaths from dirt bike accidents grows longer. When will people realize how dangerous dirt bikes are and outlaw them? How many deaths will it take?

Rosemarie Bem


No health care profit

Our ultimate goal must be to eliminate profit from our health care system. Regarding the final health care bill, a mandate is not acceptable without a true national public option. Above all, taxpayers should not subsidize the health insurance industry.

Lori Slater