Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/07

January 1 or April 1?

I’m sure I’m not the only reader who noticed the date at the top of Page 1 on the first day of the new year read, “Thursday, January 1, 2010.” I point this out in the spirit of good humor.

I like The Tribune, and hope it can continue on into the digital age. I’m sure others chuckle as I do at the occasional typos and grammatical errors we notice and chalk them up to the quirks of having a small-time local paper, but the editor responsible for this one had better avoid the water cooler at The Tribune for a while.

All the best for 2010.

Steven Sanfillipo

San Luis Obispo

Rush diagnosis

Rush Limbaugh has announced he didn’t have a heart attack. Of course he didn’t.

As any devotee of Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” would know, the pain was caused simply because Limbaugh’s “...heart was two sizes too small.”

Shirley Bianchi


One less shelter

I was sickened to hear that Julie Olson and her rescue group Pounce are being forced out of this county (“Pounce sanctuary must leave county to survive,” Jan. 1). I have been in her facility, and it did not smell, nor did I have to walk through cat feces to get to the door.

I fail to understand why the county can’t work with people like Olson instead of forcing them out. We will now have one less shelter for cats.

So now the county will have more cats to deal with, and it seems their answer to the cats that they get is to put them down. The name “animal shelter” is definitely not an accurate description of what goes on out there.

I wish you well, Julie. God bless people like you.

Anne Smith

San Luis Obispo

1 percent solution

James M. Conkle says he needs $650,000 to do a full survey of California’s remnants of old Route 66 (“Route 66 — Immortalized but mortal,” Dec. 27). That is outrageous.

Tell him I’ll do the job for 1 percent of that, $6,500, and will give him photos of every meaningful structure along the way, with their histories and dozens of interviews with folks who remember Route 66 before the interstates put it out of business. I could also include a video of the mostly pretty boring 328 miles from Topock to Santa Monica.

Clement Salvadori


Too many rights

Many politicians strongly advocate the idea of health care as a right in the U.S. Why stop at health care? Shouldn’t we citizens of the richest country in the world also have the right to dental care, eye care, medicine, food, clothing, shelter, a job, transportation, child care, a college education and on and on? Just one question. Whose right is it to pay for all these rights?

Perhaps the pending bankruptcies of our governments (state and federal) give indication that we already have too many “rights.”

Dick Pottratz

San Luis Obispo