Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/06

Bring back mutuals

My wife and I enjoy the daily paper and have been loyal to the local Tribune for quite some time. However, I was disappointed when the weekly mutual fund report was removed and am asking other readers for their support in having Saturday’s mutual fund section reinstated.

David L. Clark

Arroyo Grande

Climate conference

The disagreements and confusion at the Copenhagen climate change conference don’t bode well for the world averting disaster in coming decades. But at least two new inconvenient truths are clearly emerging from the fracas.

First, that to be at all effective, we must bring carbon levels in the atmosphere down to 350 parts per million, and second, that the economies which created this threat to living systems are the ones both capable and responsible for reducing it.

Steven Marx

San Luis Obispo

McCarthy’s search

Isn’t the first responsibility of an elected official to represent their constituency? Representative Kevin McCarthy was elected to represent this district, not to gallivant around the nation searching for obscure candidates to run on the Republican ticket (“McCarthy looking to swell GOP ranks with new recruits,” Dec. 27).

If he wants to be a Republican recruiter, he should resign and allow the Republican National Committee to hire him. This will give us the opportunity to elect someone who is interested in representing this district and working constructively on issues of importance to us, such as affordable health care.

Paula Schroeder Atascadero

A response, please

Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s “recruiting trips” to the Midwest may explain why he has no time to respond to his constituents’ polite letters asking specific pertinent questions (“McCarthy looking to swell GOP ranks with new recruits,” Dec. 27).

I sent two sets of letters to all three of his offices in October and November. It is very frustrating to be ignored by your representative. I see that recruiting fellow Republicans to run for office in other states seems to be taking precedent over what he was elected to do: represent the interests of his constituents in his district.

I had expected to at least receive a form letter from his staff acknowledging receipt of the letters. I suspect he could easily find out that I am not a Republican and may feel he doesn’t want to waste his valuable time explaining his positions to me.

This seems like partisan politics as usual. Isn’t recruiting fellow Republicans to run for office something Michael Steele should be doing?

Dana Belmonte


Good job Dana staff

The Dana Elementary PTA would like to sincerely congratulate the staff of Dana Elementary in Nipomo on their recent success at being released from Program Improvement (PI) status. As other schools in the area can reveal, it is unfortunately very easy to get into PI status and incredibly difficult to have that status removed.

Schools that receive Title I funds must meet standards in an Adequate Yearly Progress report for two consecutive years. Details on these standards can be found on the California Department of Education Web site.

In any case, ask any educator and they will tell you what a tremendous amount of overtime work, dedication and sweat it takes to get out of PI status. The Dana Elementary staff deserves a huge thank you for all you do for the children of our community.

Dana Elementary PTA

Having a great holiday

Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, my first stop was the county animal shelter.

Many wonderful volunteers showed up so that all the dogs got a walk and all the cats were fed wet food. What a great group of people.

Later in the afternoon, I went to the Odd Fellows Hall where the Jewish community puts on a feast for the homeless here in San Luis Obispo.

The amount of homeless people coming in to eat was staggering and so many young children.

A band donated their time and played music throughout dinner. After dinner the people could go into a tent that was set up with sleeping bags, coats, sweats, other clothing and items that were all donated and given free to whoever wanted them.

Again, what a wonderful group of people who spent a lot of their day baking turkeys and other foods — all donated.

Ruth Starr

San Luis Obispo

In recognition of work

Our local 24/7 information, referral and crisis line is ending an era due to insufficient financial support. As we begin a new era, we feel it imperative to recognize the outstanding leadership provided by Linda McGregor, the retiring executive director. As a person who found it necessary to wear many hats within the organization, she devoted countless hours of tireless energy working to keep the agency vital and available to our community.

She articulated the mission and vision of Hotline to the community through personal appearance at meetings, grant submissions, fundraisers and the media. She was also critical in expanding our Hotline to join the national 211 calling network and she helped broker the transition of service to the new era.

To the outgoing 211 San Luis Obispo Hotline era which she represented, we would also like to thank the local trained volunteers who have been a part of providing support to our county for the past 40 years. The local flavor of 211 service will be missed, but we are hopeful that the new era will continue to be helpful to our county residents.

The new “Hotline” era, which started on Jan. 1, will provide support for crisis callers via Transitions Mental Health at 1-800-549-4499 or 549-4499.

Hotline staff and board members

Hotline will be missed

Sadly, I must say goodbye to an old friend and important service to the people of San Luis Obispo County. Hotline has taken its last call. For 15 years, I was fortunate enough to be the coordinator of the Senior Services and Phone Friend programs at Hotline. It was an experience I will always treasure.

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who answered the lines and touched thousands of lives. Thank you to the volunteer board of directors who gave so many hours. Thank you to the staff who put their blood, sweat and tears into the agency.

Thank you to Mike Bossenberry who was the heart and soul of Hotline. A special thank you to the Phone Friend volunteers and clients who made my job a joy. Whenever I become cynical about mankind, I will remember the extraordinary people of Hotline. Good work my old friends.

Shirley McIntyre Bird