Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/5

Drop Home & Garden

I have a way for The Tribune to save even more money: stop printing the Home and Garden section. Every Wednesday it is the same. I open my paper to pictures of fabulous houses and decor I can never hope to afford.

I know that there are many well-to-do readers of The Tribune who would perhaps enjoy pictures of others’ opulence, but there are a great many more who are poor and do not.

Perhaps in these economic times some nutritious, cost-cutting recipes or articles on how to do more with less might serve your majority of readers a bit more.

Myra Strunk

Los Osos

United Way’s value

Thanks for your article on behalf of United Way San Luis Obispo County and kudos for their service over the years (“Sustaining its support,” Dec. 20). United Way-SLO, and the nonprofit industry as a whole, is dedicated to improving the lives of the community at large. With current economic conditions and available tax dollars being cut, the challenge facing nonprofits is tremendous. It is imperative for individuals and businesses to work with nonprofits to achieve needed results.

We need to start thinking in terms of “investing” instead of donating. When considering where to invest your time or money, think of it the same as with any investment: What is the return? What is important to you and your family?The article highlights programs that produce measurable results and attack the root cause. Directing your investment to a program is also mentioned. Interacting with nonprofits when investing brings transparency and feedback. Nonprofits are here to make a positive impact on the community and need your help, guidance and involvement.United Way is one of many nonprofits in San Luis Obispo County, and their service is felt by all. You can find lists by going to the links provided on the United Way Web site.

William Emerson


Christmas together

If ever there was a reason to live, it’s because of my family and celebrating Christmas together — eating, laughing and even hugging, which was not a custom in my early years but now is a must.

I hope that you and yours had a great day like I did. We are so lucky (aka blessed) to live in this country.

George L. Lewis


Fight for freedom

Matthew 10:34: “I have not come to bring peace, but to bring a sword.” John 2:15: “So he made a whip of cords and drove all out of the temple.”

Sometimes we forget that to protect that which is sacred in this world, we must take up arms. To Jesus, it was the sanctity of the temple. To us, freedom and liberty.

There is an old saying that says something along the lines of “evil prevails when no good man stands for what is right.” Let us always be willing to fight for what is right and never let it become “evil prevails.”

Brighton Hushing-Kline