Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/31

Power of the left

In his letter (“Climate change hoax,” Dec. 23), Dennis Bertrand criticized Mark DiMaggio’s recent and conservative viewpoint piece on global warming as “hysterical” (“350 ppm must be our target,” Dec. 17). Until I read this, I remained impressed with DiMaggio’s view, but then I “saw the light.” As Bertrand notes, “the left ... has found a home in the global warming movement.”

Apparently, the left has powers beyond our imagination. That power accounts for the melting away of the vast majority of glaciers in Glacier National Park over the last 150 years — the left did it. Similarly, the left must take credit for the rapid retreat of glaciers in the Alps that began about 150 years ago; the melting of glaciers in Peru and other parts of the Andes in South America; the melting of glaciers in the Himalayas, many of which feed into the great rivers of India and China; and the thinning and melting of Greenland.

It is balderdash to ascribe such powers to the liberal left when they can’t even get decent legislation passed right now.

I’m sad to see science relegated to witchcraft by fearmongers. Earth’s atmosphere is warming.

Melting glaciers are only one measure of how climate is changing, but a crucial one.

Gary Peters

Paso Robles

Let freedom sink

In honor of Senator Ted Kennedy’s legacy, the Democrats are driving this nation off a bridge and then will stand by and watch liberty and freedom sink.

Madalyn McDaniel