Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/28

Disappointing caption

It was a pleasure to see your photograph and coverage of Paso Robles High School students celebrating the holidays together (Students bridge gaps, celebrate season,” Dec. 17). The photograph captured an obviously happy and fun event.

However, I was disappointed when reading the caption, describing Justin Salazar as an “Advanced Peer Communications student” and Jackson Nash as a “handicapped student.”

I am sure Nash is studying many interesting subjects at school that would have more appropriately described what type of student he is.

Linda Wolff Los Osos

Question for Capps

Before Lois Capps and her ilk settle on a health care “reform” bill, we should ask them one simple question: How many people drowned trying to get to a Havana hospital?

Jim Nitsos Arroyo Grande

Close the Dunes

Recent articles and comments in The Tribune reported that air pollution has been added to the problems caused by off-road vehicles on Oceano Dunes. 

Health complaints attributable to air pollution like asthma, allergies, etc. are common to area residents.

Further support for closing the Dunes are found in facts which correct the fallacy that local economics would be severely harmed if the Dunes were closed to off-road vehicles.

Consider that Pismo Beach was once an area open to off-roaders. This was discontinued and replaced by the current economic structure of not only gas stations, but motels, restaurants and local retailers providing Pismo Beach’s thriving economy.

San Luis Obispo County could not help but benefit from the closing of the Dunes. More paying customers drawn to a fresh, new and beautiful area of our coast.

J.D. Burson Oceano

Not above the law

There is a commonly repeated statement that says, “It’s the law, stupid!”

It appears that Dan De Vaul is a very stubborn, unyielding man who for 15 years has refused to obey the law in regard to his property.

What if his illegally constructed and illegally wired barn had housed 30 or more homeless folks, and it caught fire, and those poor people died?

Who would have had to pay for such a tragedy in a lawsuit brought against the county for not doing it’s job? Taxpayers, of course.

Without law, there is anarchy. De Vaul is 66 years old. How long is he going to keep fighting law and order?

Is De Vaul above the law? It appears that he thinks he is.

Naoma Wright San Luis Obispo

Diversify portfolio

Very interesting articles in The Tribune concerning the hard-money lending scandal (Hard lessons for hard-money investors, Dec. 13).

I am an investor with Hurst Financial and I have lost money. In retrospect, I accept partial blame because I realize that I didn’t perform due diligence.

What I did do is realize that a return of 12 percent on my money must involve risk. Therefore I limited my investment in Hurst Financial to a relatively small percentage of my portfolio.

I have great empathy for the people who lost a substantial amount of their wealth in these investments and I know a few personally.

The lesson that should be stressed from this experience to all investors is diversification. Please don’t put all your eggs in one basket and don’t be greedy.

I hope that the principals of Hurst Financial and the principals of other financial institutions that did not perform their fiduciary duty to protect the funds of their investors are brought to justice.

Richard Placak Atascadero

Show compassion

Laura Freberg’s letter (Sense of control, Nov. 30) vividly illustrates “compassionate conservatism.” She mentions Republicans’ advice to the homeless, “do something to improve your situation.” The homeless need not be told this. Most of the homeless cannot find jobs. There are 6.3 unemployed workers competing for every opening, and the county’s homeless also include many school-age children, veterans and the physically and/or mentally challenged. Shameless judgements do not help the down and trodden.

Our economy is starting to recover, but after recovery it takes up to two years for substantial employment growth.

Freberg blames the homeless for having external locus-of-control whereby chance/luck is considered an important influence on life. Republicans supposedly believe personal effort to be the critical factor. Our lives are shaped by both personal effort and chance or luck. Freberg is an American by chance or luck. She would not be enjoying her comfortable lifestyle if she were born in a Somali village.

Most Republicans consider themselves Christians. Freberg asserts Republicans are more religious than Democrats. As a non-Christian, I understand Christianity teaches love and treating fellow humans with dignity and compassion. Mother Teresa would not have told homeless to “do something to improve your situation” and walked away.

Zaf Iqbal San Luis Obispo