Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/24

Take more time

How can our Congress begin to consider voting on a bill that has not been read and thoroughly studied? This is the most important piece of legislation that they will be considering for a long time and they had better be aware of what they are doing. To do otherwise is absurd and terrifying.

Why is there is some sort of artificial push to get this bill passed soon? Here is a suggestion: Whatever Congress passes, have them all live with it for two years as their own health care coverage to see how they like it. Then the bugs could be identified and worked out so the rest of us do not turn into health care guinea pigs. To Congress: read and study the thing! Then vote.

Elaine Thomas


Need new direction

There is a line in the Phil Collins song “Another Day in Paradise.” A homeless lady asks a man for help and “he pretends he can’t hear her, starts to whistle as he crosses the street, seems embarrassed to be there.” Those lines strike deep into me because I have done this countless times. I’d like a new response.

I appreciate that we have a Dan De Vaul in our community. I appreciate all of those who work toward addressing the homeless problem. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of Jim Duenow (Some background as De Vaul goes national, Dec. 6).

I teach sociology at San Luis Obispo High School. My students visited both the Prado Day Center and Sunny Acres. We brainstormed ideas on how to address the needs of our county’s homeless citizens.

My students came up with creative solutions that I would never have imagined.

The Tribune and Supervisor Adam Hill both called for our community to come together to formulate solutions to the homeless crisis.

We have done that. If our community can lead the nation in banning indoor smoking, then it too can pioneer a new direction for homelessness. Who cares to hear our solutions?

Brian Miller

San Luis Obispo

Thanks Hopper Bros.

I just came home with the most beautiful Christmas tree that I picked it up at Hopper Brothers Christmas Trees. Hopper Brothers donated 300 trees to local people who have donated multiple times at United Blood Services this year. It is just amazing and wonderful that in these difficult economic times, that merchants and vendors are still willing to support our community by providing incentives for donors at the blood bank.

Many different merchants take on the responsibility of providing a variety of rewards for blood bank donors throughout the year.

I’ve been donating blood for more than 30 years and it never ceases to amaze me at the dedication of our merchants. They realize how important it is for the blood bank to have a sufficient stock of blood products available every single day.

I donate platelets about once a month and it is wonderful to work with the professionals at United Blood Services. The need for donors is constant, especially during the holiday season.

Thanks again to Hopper Brothers Christmas Trees for such a magnificent tree and for its generous donation to our community blood bank and its donors.

Ric Deschler

Morro Bay