Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/19

At $360,000 per job

How would you like a $360,000 job? Well apparently there are some out there — just look at the administration’s recovery.gov Web site.

Remember the $787 billion stimulus bill that was too urgent for our Congress people to even read? According to recovery.gov, they have only used about $240 billion — only 30 percent of the urgently needed stimulus money.

However, you will feel really good when you read that they have saved or created 640,329 jobs. A little math tells us that our administration spent almost $360,000 for each job they created or saved. Now remember, this is their own data.

I hope that not many of those $360,000 jobs were in districts that don’t exist, although we know that some of them were.

Ted Pickett


Clean up the junkyard

As a long time resident on Diablo Drive, I am sick and tired of being vilified and labeled as a “heartless, rich person only concerned with their view” by Dan De Vaul’s supporters, who are mainly homeless advocates who don’t have a clue as to what’s really going on over there.

When I purchased my home 16 years ago, my view was a barn and several outbuildings surrounded by a field. Over the years I have watched the debris grow. I would like to state for the record that I am not against the homeless living there.

My main argument has always been: what does helping the homeless have to do with maintaining a junkyard? These are two separate issues. I support De Vaul’s efforts in helping the down and out, though this is a symbiotic relationship as he charges each person living there.

I say put them to work dismantling, sorting and scraping all the various detritus that covers parts of the ranch. Then use the money to help these people. But this won’t happen because I believe this is not about junkyards or views or helping the homeless, it is about De Vaul sticking it to the county.

Vince Uhler

San Luis Obispo

That’s the ticket

I empathize with those angry shoppers who received parking tickets, as I also received a ticket when I had to leave my car overnight in front of a repair shop on Marsh Street (“Give shoppers a break” and “So much for a good deed,” Dec. 5). 

However, there is a statement on the ticket that indicates you may apply for a “Request for Citation Review” form by calling the number on the citation. A simple form was sent to me and I explained my reason for why I thought my ticket should be waived. As a result, my $30 fee was reviewed and dismissed.

Kathe Davidson


Teaching to the test

To Sam Blakeslee: Our San Luis Obispo Leadership program taught us listening skills. This “Race to the Top” grant program has me curious if you’re still listening to educators or chasing the money. Its requirement to allow standardized testing results to be used in teacher evaluations is misguided (We can deliver quality education, Dec. 10).

Economically, teachers do more with less given budget issues, class size expansions, layoffs, reduced support and diminishing supplies.

Testing results show nothing about the learning environment and force teachers to plan around a test, leaving critical thinking, creativity and true learning in the dust.

How can we retain quality teachers by threatening salaries with performance standards influenced by real social issues like poverty, housing or divorce? Try to tell a teacher their pay is being held accountable to that. Bullying teacher employment and threatening educators with overregulation is just wrong.

Yes, some educators work on tests while simultaneously instructing some critical thinking. Is “teaching to the test” in the best interest of our kids? Can you justify sacrificing a quality education just for better test scores?

Test scores might evaluate districtwide systems, but never individual teacher performance. Chasing this money isn’t listening or leading.

Jon Jaeger

San Luis Obispo Leadership, Class V

Two problems solved

David Ernst and Fred Aguiar, two of possibly many who have cheated taxpayers out of thousands of dollars on trips, hotels, dinners, cars and gas should be requested to repay the amounts they stole to Dan De Vaul to bring his property up to code. Two problems solved, one simple solution. Are there any honest, innovative officials out there?    

H.D. Burson


‘I can still bite you ...’

A scene from the British movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” involved a character called the Black Knight. The knight engaged his foe with a sword and the enemy cut off his sword arm. The knight switched the sword to the other arm and the enemy cut off that arm also.

The knight, both arms gone, resorted to kicking the enemy and the enemy cut off his leg. The knight came back, hopping on one leg and thrusting his body against the enemy. The enemy cut off the second leg.

The torso of the knight, lying on his back, then uttered a phrase that was both funny and poignant and simultaneously expressed the dedication and commitment of the knight.

I wish I could remember his statement. I would send it to President Barack Obama to give him some support.

Arthur Armstrong

Los Osos

Are we too busy?

Are people really so busy that the can’t stop? My 15-year-old son crashed on his bike on 13th and Paso Robles Street on a busy Saturday close to 4 p.m.

With many going up and down Creston Road and many coming off Highway 101, no one stopped to see if he was OK. Thank God his cell phone was not smashed in the accident and he was able to call me.

How can anyone see such a thing and not stop? With road rash in many places, a few bruised ribs and a trip to the emergency room, he is now better. I hope someone’s conscience gets to them.

Dawn Glove

Paso Robles

Suck it up, Arnie

The cost for protecting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has tripled. Hey, what’s with that? Didn’t we elect “The Terminator”? The one who has single-handedly eliminated drug dealers, corrupt politicians and even extraterrestrials. Come on Arnie, suck it up, strap on your AK-47 and save us a few bucks.

Dave Coronel

San Luis Obispo