Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/18

Celebrating Bill

We would like to express our sincerest thanks and gratitude to all who made William “Bill” Harvey’s celebration of life service possible.

Thank you to Diane Frost, principal of Laguna Middle School; Doug Morrow and the PE Department; Val Wright and the basketball team; Gary Lamprecht and his choir; Sheila Kircher, the master of ceremonies; and the Laguna Middle School staff and custodians. Thank you for the friendship, love and support you gave dad.

The family of William Harvey

San Luis Obispo

Liberties in danger

Jeanne Zindorf’s letter to the editor is very confusing to me (Health care a right, Dec. 2). She states that health care is a right and that single-payer health care is what she wants. 

First, I don’t think health care is a right protected by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. If it were, we would not be having a debate over the health care bills today. I am sure there are some in Washington that think it is a right and are trying very hard to make it that way.  Second, she claims that Corporate America is forcing her against her will to be a party to a most heinous perpetration of her liberties. Last time I looked, nobody was forced to use a certain health care provider in this country. 

We all have choices and are free to make them. If she thinks her liberties are in danger now, just wait until the federal government takes over health care with a single-payer plan, meaning no other choices, and she is forced to use them and only them to obtain health care. Then her liberties will really be in danger. 

R. Lewis

Los Osos

Where’s the peace?

The current practice in schools and children’s sports seems to be awarding prizes, trophies, awards, etc., for simply participating. The reason for this practice, as I understand it, is to assure that no child is left out or is not “a winner.”

My children have discussed this practice with their children. After that discussion, my grandchildren admitted to their parents that the only awards that were special to them were those earned by extra effort, success and/or skill. In fact, as my 8-year-old grandson was showing off his dad’s first-, second- and third-place baseball trophies to a friend, he was overheard saying, “These are my dad’s trophies from back in the time when they used to mean something.”

I’m wondering what the Nobel Peace Prize really means these days. Exactly where is this outstanding “peace” for which President Barack Obama is being awarded?

Carol Hemwall


Where’s the beef?

Over the past month, I have seen several letters to the editor where the writers have a beef with Christians and Christmas. These writers have never commented on radical Muslims. We have been deluged with numerous Islamic terrorist attempts in this country, ad nauseam!

Recently, a Muslim terrorist slaughtered and wounded several people at Fort Hood. Where are these writers now? There have been no Christian terrorists who are blowing up and killing people while yelling “God is great!” These writers don’t seem to have a beef with radical Islam. Where’s the beef? Does anyone find this odd? Joe A. Fagundes Morro Bay

Cynical ratings game

Mya was robbed! How can we have any respect for Dancing with the Stars? It claims to be a dance contest but its structure often cheats the best dancer out of the title. Why don’t they call it “Popularity Contest of the Stars”? But I forget, it’s not about fairness, it’s about ratings.

John Kepler

San Luis Obispo

Joyous in China

Ah, the joyous holiday season is upon us. The shopping frenzy is in full swing and the money is flowing. While out shopping this year, I’ve noticed little or no American-made products. It seems almost everything at our retail stores is produced by the largest Communist country in the world.

With U.S. unemployment hovering around 10 percent, millions of Americans can find few reasons to be happy. I’ll bet it’s a wonderful holiday season in China. I’m sure the Chinese are smiling as U.S. dollars keep their economy strong. I wonder what would happen if U.S. consumers demanded more American products and our manufacturing base reinstituted the once strong U.S. foundation of ingenuity and hard work.

Darrel Boles

Paso Robles

Save native wildlife

I was born and raised in the Colorado high country. I appreciate and know only too well how important it is to protect native wildlife. I hope this letter might help to ensure wildlife protection in America’s arctic.

John Simpson

Los Osos

Hooray for military

In response to W.R. Cole’s letter (Pull out military, Dec. 10), I will not be presumptuous and pigeonhole Cole after reading just one letter, but I do believe action is sometimes needed when diplomacy has run its course.

You can talk to a zealot until you are “blue in the face” and they will still strap on that bomb and kill innocent bystanders regardless. So hooray for our valiant and honorable military personnel, not “military crowd” as Cole depicts them, who are doing their utmost to eradicate terrorists, not Cole’s softball term “dissident Islamic forces,” in other countries rather than ours.

A.B. Solomon


Let’s hear from Dan

In response to John Miller’s statement that “Nothing more need be said or written on this subject” (Enough on De Vaul, Dec. 12). How about a personal evenhanded response from Dan De Vaul himself addressing all the issues Jim Duenow raises?

Melanie Statom

Morro Bay

Take heed of LBJ

President Obama needs to pay less attention to Abraham Lincoln and more to Lyndon Johnson. I doubt he’s studying Johnson, but if he is, he’s learning the wrong lessons.

Johnson was a master at passing social legislation and a notorious failure at foreign policy. Obama acts as if he were emulating Johnson’s overseas adventures and disregarding Johnson’s legislative history. If he were to reverse this emphasis, it might bring about more “change we can believe in.”

Gene Fiscalini

San Luis Obispo

Definition of science

In a recent letter to the editor by Thomas Byerly (Despicable ploy, Dec. 3), the writer lists Christian Science as one of his examples of a Christian religion that is “inclined to align itself with science and lay claim ... to the results of its vast body of work.”

I interpret his definition of science to be the one from the Random House Dictionary: a systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.

As a lifelong Christian Scientist, I have never considered its teachings an attempt to align itself with physical science as defined above. The word science in Christian Science is used by the founder, Mary Baker Eddy, to describe the nature of God’s laws. She referred to Christ Jesus in her book “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” as “the most scientific man that ever trod the globe.” By this she doesn’t mean that Christ Jesus was a scientist studying biology or physics. The science Jesus practiced was of the laws of God — laws that superseded and transformed the human laws. The word science in Christian Science refers to a spiritual science based on Christ Jesus’ example, not a physical science.

Tim Ames

Arroyo Grande

Muffin gratitude

On Dec. 3, I picked up a $4,000 check from Pete Clark, organizer of the Meadow Muffin Golf Tournament, for the Toy Bank of greater Paso Robles. These kind sportsmen quietly go about supporting the Toy Bank year after year.

Their contribution was used to buy toys for children in the Paso Robles, Shandon, San Miguel and Creston areas. Thank you, Pete Clark and your Meadow Muffin guys. There are 1,600 kids in our area who have become beneficiaries of the generosity of people like you and others.

On behalf of the Toy Bank, hats off to you all.

Joan Case

Paso Robles

Stop embarrassing us

Pass Senate Amendment 2837 Medicare-for-All right now. No more add ons, changes or exceptions. I personally have an income and insurance, but I’m shocked at how many friends I have, of all ages, who cannot afford insurance, much less medication or surgery. Stop embarrassing us in front of the world. Stop being controlled by big corporations. Start thinking about the people you represent.

Holly Garcia

San Luis Obispo