Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/17

Run, Jordan, Run!

Please do continue news coverage of Jordan Hasay’s accomplishments in the future. We eagerly read of the successful achievements of past local citizens who go on to further accomplishments. She was an inspiration locally and will quite likely again become one soon at a larger distance in the future. “Go Hasay!”

Sadie Krovious

Arroyo Grande

Hard-money moral

Very interesting articles in The Tribune concerning the hard-money lending scandal (Hard lessons for hard-money investors, Dec. 13). I am an investor with Hurst Financial and I have lost money. In retrospect, I accept partial blame because I realize that I didn’t perform due diligence. What I did do is realize that a return of 12 percent on my money must involve risk. Therefore I limited my investment in Hurst Financial to a relatively small percentage of my portfolio.

I have great empathy for the people who lost a substantial amount of their wealth in these investments and I know a few personally. The lesson that should be stressed from this experience to all investors is diversification. Please don’t put all your eggs in one basket and don’t be greedy.

I hope the principals of Hurst Financial and of other financial institutions that did not perform their fiduciary duty to protect the funds of their investors are brought to justice.

Richard Placak


Song says it all

Is it paradoxical that it’s illegal to mow dry grass during fire season in areas where Pismo Clarkia grows or walk on beach areas where snowy plovers nest or build on a lot with fairy shrimp when 1,500 acres of dunes are devoted to off-highway vehicular traffic?

Surely the dunes plants and wildlife have not been nurtured by this practice. People are killed and maimed riding ATVs on the dunes every year. Now we’re told this activity causes air pollution as well. There’s a song that says it all: “God is great, beer is good, people are crazy.”

Susan A. Margolis

Arroyo Grande

A question for Capps

As a trained nurse, Lois Capps has knowledge and training in the medical field beyond most, therefore her political views on medical issues should definitely be considered. Now that she has stepped to the forefront of current abortion issues and women’s rights related to abortion, we respectfully have a question for Capps.

Scientific research clearly states that the gender of a baby in the womb can be determined at 12 weeks postconception. Over-the-counter products can be purchased which advertise gender determination at 10 weeks postconception. Our question is this: Capps, what about the rights of those women not yet born?

Linda and Larry Hoekman


A moot point

In rebuttal to Larry Trine’s Dec. 6 letter, “Global warming a hoax,” I believe whether global warming is or is not a hoax is a moot point. The facts are that mankind is deforesting the planet, killing off sea life and polluting our water and air. My concern is not for the planet; in time the planet will heal itself. I am concerned as to whether my children and future generations will have an environment hospitable enough to support life. In his letter, Trine refers to the “global warming ideology” as a religion. The religions which I find disturbing are the ones in which people believe Armageddon is approaching and are looking forward to it in order to “meet their maker.”

I would rather see people bet on the theory of global warming as truth. Because even if we find that it isn’t true, we will be pursuing a path more positive to our survival.

If I am wrong, I apologize for cleaning up the environment and working towards the survival of living species. If you are wrong and we have done nothing to attempt to heal our planet, say hello to your god for me.

Greg Hoffman