Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/15

Stork is excellent

Congratulations to the Cuesta College Board of Trustees on the timely and excellent appointment of Gil Stork as interim superintendent/president. Dr. Stork brings a lengthy and outstanding record of service to Cuesta College and is cognizant of what actions should be taken to unite all factions of the college staff and the community for a successful outcome and benefit for all concerned. In my opinion, Dr. Stork will provide the necessary leadership for the college district until the Board of Trustees appoints a permanent superintendent/president.

Frank R. Martinez

San Luis Obispo

Kliewer got raw deal

Bill Morem’s article about master teacher Steve Kliewer is superb (“Master teacher’s ‘Endeavour’ cut,” Dec. 10). The ability to move away from traditional teaching and into a relationship with students that forces everyone involved to engage in critical thinking creates the kind of teaching that is all too rare.

His talent is lost on educational reformers pushing for national test norms based upon so-called objective testing.Schools are dominated by regurgitation, copy-work, multiple-guess exams and related time-consuming nonsense.

Every teacher has the opportunity to lead students down the path of inquiry. Bugged by test-mania, administrative short circuiting and fear of facing learners with innovative lessons, most teachers become nervous and happily bug out.

In my 36 years of teaching and observing in hundreds of classrooms, I learned that too many American schools will not reform and grow because the system is gamed to reproduce itself.

Kliewer and the Endeavour Academy are getting a raw deal. So is our nation. I am happy to see a refreshing and awakening write-up with the recognition the subjects so richly deserve.

Ira Winn

San Luis Obispo

Duenow a must read

For anyone who has been confused over the Dan De Vaul issue, Jim Duenow’s Viewpoint in The Tribune is a must read (“Some background as De Vaul goes national,” Dec. 6).

Yes, the county is woefully behind in helping the homeless, and let’s hope that designs are in the works to help those in need.

As far as feeling sorry for De Vaul, forget it. De Vaul, come down from the soapbox you are on and clean up your ranch, bring it up to code and make it a safe place to live.

Craig Kincaid

San Luis Obispo

Even Nixon?!

Even Richard Nixon wanted health care reform. When the gamut runs from Nixon to Ted Kennedy, certainly today’s Washington crowd can find some place to stand between the two and vote for meaningful health care reform, which would be single-payer. The health care “insurance” industry is about as vital to America as the buggy whip industry.

Steve Figler