Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/14

Explain abstention

Regarding The Tribune’s front page story by Phillip Reese of The Sacramento Bee (Votes fall victim to lawmaker abstention, Dec. 7): state “lawmaker” abstention should anger all citizens who elected them.

According to the story, 22,000 votes were not cast this session and 300,000 were. Now that is only 7.3 percent uncast votes, but many affected controversial bills. Perhaps this is “business as usual” for Sacramento, but it leaves me wondering what our elected representatives are doing.

We have some idea of what they and their staffs are not doing. Perhaps each member of the legislature should be required to explain each of their non-votes. But would we get honest answers?

Bill Carley Paso Robles

Bravo, Dan De Vaul

Bravo, Dan De Vaul! I have never had the privilege of meeting you, but I want to thank you for sheltering my lovely sister in her time of need. In a time of growing unemployment and increasing homelessness, thank you for being there.

Bravo also to Kyle Wiens (Let’s make it happen, Dec. 1). What a grand idea; we need more people and companies to volunteer and help their fellow man. Let’s all work together to make Sunny Acres shine. I am sure most of today’s population knows someone who is homeless. Why not take this sensitive issue to “The Bigs.” This could be a great little Christmas story.

Janet Carnegie Morro Bay

Britain’s example

For more than 20 years, under a League of Nations mandate, Great Britain tried to help Palestine toward an eventual representative government, but it could not stop lethal attacks on its peacekeeping force or stop the resident Arabs and Jews from killing each other. In 1948, Great Britain was almost bankrupt. Our presence in the Middle East, especially Afghanistan, is similar to Great Britain’s problem then.

Great Britain went to the newly-created United Nations, stated its intention to withdraw on a fixed date and left. The United Nations partitioned Palestine, although the plan was opposed by every Arab nation. Arabs and Jews have continued killing each other over that small sliver of land ever since. Why couldn’t we give our problem to the United Nations?

We’ve sacrificed enough. We could withdraw with honor if we announced that we would leave on a fixed date. The United Nations might call on the Muslim nations, whose vast majorities hate extremists, to form a large peacekeeping force and send their military there to marginalize if not subdue the terrorists. It would gain much needed respect for Islam.

Ken Rice Atascadero

Women’s rights

As a trained nurse, Lois Capps has knowledge and training in the medical field beyond most; therefore, her political views on medical issues should definitely be considered. Now that she has stepped to the forefront of current abortion issues and women’s rights related to abortion, we respectfully have a question for Capps.

Scientific research clearly states that the gender of a baby in the womb can be determined at 12 weeks post-conception. Over-the-counter products can be purchased which advertise gender determination at 10 weeks post-conception. Our question is this: Capps, what about the rights of those women not yet born?

Linda and Larry Hoekman Nipomo

Hampian should sue

I don’t live in San Luis Obispo, so I don’t really have a say. However, I can’t resist a comment regarding the new city manager’s salary (SLO to pay more to new city manager, Dec. 3).

Let’s see: the outgoing city manager, Ken Hampian, was paid $194,300 after working for the city for 20 years. The new city manager comes waltzing in at $221,00 with zero time on the job. A $30,00 annual raise in cost to San Luis Obispo city. Hampian should sue for lost pay. Paso Robles City Manager Jim App should immediately ask for a major raise.

In my opinion, this is just plain stupid. What was the San Luis Obispo City Council thinking? With 100 applications, couldn’t they do better? I would think so.

Glen Gibson Paso Robles