Letters to the Editor

Ask the Editor: We’ll sing about heroes all year long

Thanks to our readers, we had a record number of nominations this year for Unsung Heroes, the series we published during Thanksgiving Week to highlight residents who volunteer their time for others, often receiving little or no recognition.

We appreciate all who took the time to contact us with excellent suggestions. There were far more “heroes” than we had space to accommodate in the span of a week, so we have decided to make Unsung Heroes a regular, once-a-month feature. Please, keep the nominations coming.

To recap, we are looking for people who volunteer their time and talents to serve their communities, but seek no return for their actions other than the satisfaction that comes with helping others. We’ll continue to feature these stories on our Opinion page.

Please contact us at letters@thetribunenews.com. Tell us about your nominee and be sure to provide contact information for that person.

One final note: Readers interested in contacting Womenade, the heroes profiled on Nov. 29, can reach the group at sanfranslo@sbcglobal.net.

Q: I am objecting to the loss of the financial news that used to be in the Local section. That reduces it to something that is simply worthless. The whole paper has gotten to the point where I am about to drop my subscription. I am not online, I don’t have a computer and a lot of people in my age group do not have computers. …

— George Moore, Morro Bay

Q: It is not difficult to relate to the economic challenges The Tribune faces; just about every business in the country and most of your readers are in the same boat, affected by the same economy. Times are also changing, and The Tribune’s response to that is SanLuisObispo.com. It is important that your advertisers realize that our main source of local news is The Tribune, either in hard copy form or via the Web, and that the advertising that catches our attention is contained in The Tribune.

— Terry Farrell, Cambria

A: We appreciate all readers who took the time to share their reaction to our decision to condense the Monday and Tuesday editions, folding the Local news section into the A section and Classifieds Advertising section into the Sports section. A majority of the approximately 60 readers who responded supported our move, noting that they found the changes logical and appreciated our efforts to provide in-depth local news and retain most key features.

The single biggest complaint among those who disapproved of our decision was the loss of the stock listings Tuesday through Friday; we kept them on Saturday. While we recognize that a few readers still look for these print listings, by far most readers access this information online.

As I noted in a column last week, we made our decisions reluctantly, but determined they were necessary to cope with the continued economic downturn that’s affecting every industry.

Q: Why aren’t some major sports games listed in the daily calendar on page 2 of your Sports section? As an example, you failed to note that the Los Angeles Lakers’ Friday game can be viewed on TV.

— Karl Bareither, Avila Beach

A: Our Sports staff regularly checks Web sites of all the major sports — NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB and MLS (soccer)— in addition to college Web sites and other lists for games that are shown on Charter cable channels 2 through 95, according to Sports Editor Ashley Conklin. This is in addition to the TV information provided by the Associated Press. Yet despite taking such painstaking steps to ensure the listing is complete, we occasionally miss a game, like we did in failing to note the Lakers’ game Friday. A few major games weren’t listed earlier last week because the space typically used for that was needed to list local high school tournaments instead. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you have a question about our news decisions or news operation? Please write to me c/o The Tribune, P.O. Box 112, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93406-0112, or e-mail me at sduerr@thetribunenews.com.

Sandra Duerr is the executive editor of The Tribune.